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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Conversations with Dog: Adventures of a 4 Legged Guru


Conversations with Dog:
Adventures of a 4 Legged Guru

For Beyond 50's "Pet Care" talks, listen to an interview with Jonathan Robinson. He's back on the show to talk about his inspirational novel about Happy, a Golden mix mutt. He is clearly no ordinary dog. One day, her owner begins hearing her voice inside his head. With wit and wisdom, Happy begins to guide her owner through his mid-life crisis and major life challenges. Gradually, she teaches him how to live each moment with gusto, optimism, and love. For anyone who has ever loved a dog, or anyone who enjoys the simple wisdom of pets or kids, "Conversations With Dog" will stir your heart.

To Hear the Interview, Click on This Link: Beyond 50

*If you missed our past interviews, the archives can be accessed on our podcast network and YouTube Channels: 50beyond, beyond 50 radio, and Conscious Movie Reviews.




The Healing Power of Art

Healing portraits are created with individual or couple's image & incorporate symbols, semi precious stones, crystals, gold leaf and images on painted canvas.  Offered by Jane de Forest, visit

RADIANT – Healthy Cells Make a Healthy Body (Vitamin E)

    Radiant Cellular Rejuvenation supports healthy cellular function. With vitamin E tocotrienols and geranylgeraniol (GG) from the Amazonian annatto tree, Radiant supports and replenishes your cells to help fight the effects of aging and keep your body functioning its best!
    Powerful Natural Ingredients:
•   All-natural and plant-derived from the Amazonian annatto fruit
•   50 times more powerful antioxidant protection than typical vitamin E supplements (Delta and gamma vitamin E tocotrienols compared with alpha-tocopherol)*
•   The only vitamin E supplement available to combine with repairing and rejuvenating geranylgeraniol (GG)


What is it that new or seasoned gardeners want?  Healthy, happy plants and rich wonderful soils.  There are several ways to support healthy soil biology, some more labor and cost intensive than others.  AlgaeGrow™ makes it simple.  Made from live fresh-water algae and other supplements, it restores and balances soil biology which supports soil structure.  This increases yields, water holding capacity and leads to nutrient rich, flavorful fruits and vegetables.  To learn more and to purchase, go to


The Business of "Woke" Capitalism

For Beyond 50's "Business" talks, listen to an interview with Scott Shepard. He is the Deputy Director of the National Center for Public Policy Research's Free Enterprise Project (FEP). Shepard is part of a leading voice for conservative-minded investors advancing free-market ideals.

Through "Woke Capitalism", the political Left have politicized corporate America. They've managed to get corporations to do their bidding.

As hundreds of companies push race and gender policies and weigh in on legislative issues, find out how they can be reigned in to bring business back to neutral.

To Hear the Interview, Click on This Link: Beyond 50

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