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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Restoring Your Intestinal Flora: The Key to Digestive Wellness

Restoring Your Intestinal Flora:

The Key to Digestive Wellness

For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to an interview with Christopher Vasey, a Naturopathic Doctor. He's back on the show to talk about restoring your intestinal flora to strengthen your immune system, reduce inflamation, and improve gut health. You'll learn the difference between prebiotics and probiotics, along with good eating habits to strike a good balance between fermentation and putrefaction germs within the intestines.

To Hear the Interview, Click on This Link: Beyond 50

*If you missed our past interviews, the archives can be accessed on our podcast network and YouTube Channels: 50beyond, beyond 50 radio, and Conscious Movie Reviews



Ceramic Showcase + Gathering of the Guilds

April 30 - May 2

Ceramic Showcase and The Gathering of the Guilds are hosting their first virtual show together on Friday, April 30th through Sunday, May 2nd. The website will feature more than 200 exceptional artists, from 6 Pacific Northwest guilds, working in Metals, Glass, Wood, Beads, Fibers and Clay! You can treat yourself or find beautiful gifts for Mother’s Day, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.  To find your favorite artists and discover how to buy online, attend their in-person events, or contact them for purchases, visit

RADIANT – Healthy Cells Make a Healthy Body (Vitamin E)

    Radiant Cellular Rejuvenation supports healthy cellular function. With vitamin E tocotrienols and geranylgeraniol (GG) from the Amazonian annatto tree, Radiant supports and replenishes your cells to help fight the effects of aging and keep your body functioning its best!
    Powerful Natural Ingredients:
•   All-natural and plant-derived from the Amazonian annatto fruit
•   50 times more powerful antioxidant protection than typical vitamin E supplements (Delta and gamma vitamin E tocotrienols compared with alpha-tocopherol)*
•   The only vitamin E supplement available to combine with repairing and rejuvenating geranylgeraniol (GG)

Healing Family Lineage: Cutting Toxic Cords

Negative energies and toxic patterns can be passed down through ancestry lineage unless they are healed.  Clearing your lineage is an excellent way to regain clarity, spiritual health, balance and a fresh perspective for you and your well as future generations.  Contact Jane de Forest:


We've created a new category on our website called "Prepping with Beyond 50" that is an archive of products, resources and tutorials in preparation for potential threats to your life and property.

We recommend that you stock up on what's needed for your basic survival, in case of an emergency. Visit

Potential Threats:

 - Cyber Polygon 2021: World Economic Forum Hints at Global Cyber “Pandemic” this Summer to Facilitate the “Great Reset.” Expect cyber attacks against financial institutions, power grid, transportation services, our society as a whole, setting the state for the Great Reset. The supply-chain cyberattack simulation will begin on July 2021.  (See Video Above)

 - EVIDENCE: CNN's Technical Director, Charlie Chester, admitted on tape that his fake network engaged in "propaganda" to remove Trump from Presidency.  Their next spin is to create a Climate Crisis to scare the public.  CNN wants you scared so you’ll surrender more of your rights to the globalists under the New Green Deal.

 - Climate Lockdown - Lockdown from COVID-19 will transition to Climate Lockdowns for the normalization of the police state, electrical rationing, banning of meats (so we eat lab-grown meats), and "climate tracing" through AI for a post-human future.  (See Video Above)

 - States who have signed up with the UN's Strong Cities Network program will have a digital surveillance state and their police can be replaced with police-for-hire (that are hired thugs). The US currently has 22 states that signed up for the program. New York City, as an example, is being converted to a high-surveillance city with global policing to prevent violent extremism: racism, bigotry, hatred, intolerance.

- Chinese owned companies like Zoom, Snapchat and TikTok have been gathering biometric data on its users worldwide that would integrate with a social credit system within a Health Pass or digital wallet offering a Universal Basic Income (UBI). If you "misbehave", you can be identified and tracked within minutes to be given notification that your specific freedoms and privileges have been restricted. (See Video Above)

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