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Monday, May 24, 2021

Communication Miracles for Couples


Communication Miracles for Couples

For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with psychotherapist Jonathan Robinson. He's back on the show to go over easy and effective ways to create more love and less conflict between couples. Within a few minutes, you'll learn how to feel totally loved; never argue again; get your partner to really hear you; repair broken trust; and create lasting harmony and keep love alive.
To Hear the Interview, Click on This Link: Beyond 50

Time Shifts:
Experiences of Slipping Into the Past and Future

For Beyond 50's "Spirituality" talks, listen to an interview with Von Braschler. He'll talk about the phenomena of going into sudden, accidental "time slips" - shifting from ordinary reality into the past or future. Braschler offers accounts of people who report stepping out of normal time and space to reveal the pattern behind how these time slips occur - debunking claims that time slips are delusions or remembrances of past lives. He also has an exercise you can try to experience a time shift.
To Hear the Interview, Click on This Link: Beyond 50

*If you missed our past interviews, the archives can be accessed on our podcast network and YouTube Channels: 50beyond, beyond 50 radio, and Conscious Movie Reviews.




What is it that new or seasoned gardeners want?  Healthy, happy plants and rich wonderful soils.  There are several ways to support healthy soil biology, some more labor and cost intensive than others.  AlgaeGrow™ makes it simple.  Made from live fresh-water algae and other supplements, it restores and balances soil biology which supports soil structure.  This increases yields, water holding capacity and leads to nutrient rich, flavorful fruits and vegetables.  To learn more and to purchase, go to

University of Oregon Presents 28th Annual
Good in the Hood Multicultural Music Festival
June 26 - 27
(Livestream Event)

Join us for a fun filled weekend of live Jazz, Blues, R&B, Latin, Pop, Conscious Hip/Hop, and NEO-Soul...Hosted by MC Seezinin and DJ Pryce Miiyagi.  Headliner: Andy Stokes.  This is a FREE, 2021 Virtual Festival.  Donations are always appreciated.  It will be held as a virtual festival, from June 26 - 27, from 3 - 7 p.m.  Donations are always accepted.  Register early for a chance to win raffle prizes!  Get your tickets before May 10th to be automatically entered.  Prizes Include: Wine tasting for 4 - Tickets to a Private Concert - A Bike - T-Shirts - and More!  To register, visit

Ceramic Showcase & The Gathering of the Guilds
Throughout May
(Virtual Event)

Ceramic Showcase and The Gathering of the Guilds have extended their spring online event through the month of May! The website features more than 200 exceptional artists, from 6 Pacific Northwest guilds, working in metals, glass, wood, beads, fibers and clay! You can treat yourself or find beautiful gifts for Mother’s Day, weddings, birthdays and other celebrations.  To find your favorite artists and discover how to buy online, attend their in-person events, or contact them for purchases, visit


Not All Jews Support Israel:
The Differences Between
Zionism vs Judaism

The following explanation was provided by a representative of the Neturei Karta International on "Jews United Against Zionism & the State of Israel" during an expo event.  (See Video Above)

Judaism - A religion practiced by Jews.

Zionism - Purely a political movement that created the State of Israel.  It is not a religion.

Judaism on Israel - Jerusalem is not the capital of the State of Israel. According to Jewish religion, it's unacceptable. Masses of Jews globally oppose what the State of Israel stands for. The concept of building a sovereign homeland for Jews happens to be in total contrast to Jewish belief, according to Judaism.

Jewish people are forbidden to end their exile by any physical means.

All Jewish leaders from the beginning of Zionism totally opposed this concept of a Jewish homeland. This was invented, not by religious scholars.  The philosophy of Zionism - of building a sovereign homeland for Jews was invented by Theodor Herzl and his friends - people who didn't follow anything within the Jewish religion.

Judaism on Occupation of Palestine - Occupation of Palestine is unacceptable according to Judaism. Killing, stealing, occupying another's land, oppressing an entire people - all of this is totally FORBIDDEN. This is a true violation of Jewish teachings.

The Actual Reason Why Hamas Attacked Israel - The terror organizations' main target has nothing to do with Israel or the Al-Aqsa Mosque. (See Video Above)

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