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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

We're Mass Communicating


We're Mass Communicating

Beyond 50 can be heard on an Amazon Echo Dot. All you have to say is "Alexa, play Beyond 50 Radio."

To pause an episode playing and go through the show's archives, say "Alexa, skip."

And, if you'd like to hear a current interview, say "Alexa, play the latest episode."

Doing a Countdown:

We'd like to feature our Top 25 interviews this week until the end of January. Here are the episodes, based on the most downloads received over the years:

#25 - "Detoxify or Die" with the nation's leading toxicology expert, Dr. Sherry Rogers.

#24 - "Dr. Gabriel Cousens: Reversing Diabetes" about his 21-day protocol, based on natural healing practices, that has successfully helped those with Type 2 Diabetes reverse their chronic condition. Many have been able to do it within 2-weeks. We recommend that you watch an inspiring video of Dr. Cousens placing a group of diabetic skeptics on his program receive amazing results. Here is the link to watch the entire documentary: "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days." 

*Visit Beyond 50 Radio at



Portland Christian Science Lecture Series:
A Clearer View of You
Thursday, December 3

Hosted by the Portland Christian Science Lecture Series, their next guest speaker is Lyle Young, CSB on "A Clearer View of You."  He'll go over the often asked question, Who are we, really?  The health, harmony, and joy we experience in life depend on our answer to this question.  The online lecture is on Thursday, Dec. 3 at 7:15 p.m. (Pacific Time)/10:15 p.m. (Eastern Time). To participate, go to



What is it that new or seasoned gardeners want?  Healthy, happy plants and rich wonderful soils.  There are several ways to support healthy soil biology, some more labor and cost intensive than others.  AlgaeGrow™ makes it simple.  Made from live fresh-water algae and other supplements, it restores and balances soil biology which supports soil structure.  This increases yields, water holding capacity and leads to nutrient rich, flavorful fruits and vegetables.  To learn more and to purchase, go to

The  recently awarded  Nobel Prize around oxygen and oxygen's monumental influence in health and well-being has set the stage for presentation of our world class breathing development and TurboOxygen programs. It would require volumes to state the many benefits, but when you visit you will find copious searchable clinical studies and testimonials around breathing and oxygen and why they are the first place one should investigate when any evidence of disordered human energy or the need for enhanced cellular energy might present itself.  Visit and use the coupon "beyond50" for your 5% discount.

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