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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption

Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption

For Beyond 50's "Business" talks, listen to an interview with Maggie Craddock of Lifeboat, an executive coach, best known for her work with Fortune 500 CEOs.  She offers lessons for those who would like a transformative approach to their profession lives, one that recognizes that "every man for himself" doesn't work long-term.  Craddock organized a series of key questions we all need to ask ourselves when facing unexpected career disruption or difficult changes at our existing jobs.  These questions can help clarify one's authentic priorities, assess the group energy that guides a particular workplace, and identify the type of job that will help them reach their true potential. You'll learn that why you can have a good career if you're smart, but only have a great career if you're brave; identify who you can trust in a crisis; how to assess red flags, avoid self-sabotage, and operate more consistently  from your strengths by using emotional agility.

To Hear the Interview, Click on This Link: Beyond 50


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