Sunday, March 23, 2008

America & The Rise of New Super Powers

George Bush with Putin
America & The Rise of New Super Powers
Friday, March 28
12 - 1 p.m. (PST)/3 - 4 p.m. (EST)
A Live & Online Broadcast

As America's status as the #1 global power diminishes, China, Europe, India, Japan and Russia are on the rise as "pivotal powers." For Beyond 50's "Emerging Trends" talks, we'll have national security advisors Nina Hachigian and Mona Sutphen explain how the U.S. can thrive by maintaining good relations and enlisting the help of these countries to thwart common threats like terrorism, global warming, and pandemic disease.*

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Caregiving Senior Secrets: Caregiving from the Front Lines
For Beyond 50's "Caregiving Talks," Judith Stevens gives practical advice on what a caregiver can do to adjust a home for aging and disability needs. She has over 20 years as a professional caregiver and is the author of "Senior Secrets: Caregiving from the Front Lines."

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Carl Casanova's Book
What Every Successful Person Knows

For Beyond 50's talks on "Personal Growth," listen to Carl Casanova, a Success Coach and the founder of a coaching certification school in Portland, talk about his new book called "What Every Successful Person Knows!" He outlines proven principles that govern the key to your growth and success. These universal laws and ageless truths are available for you to learn and apply to your personal and professional life today.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Tax Man Cometh/How to Create a Profitable Website

Money for Taxes
The Tax Man Cometh/How to Create a Profitable Website
Friday, March 21
12 - 1 p.m. (PST)
A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Finance" talks, we have our expert Mark Kohler, an attorney and CPA who wrote "Lawyers are Liars: The Truth About Protecting Our Assets." He will educate about the best tax strategies to use, based on the current tax laws and qualifying for the new tax rebates. Afterwards, we'll have Diane Armitage for our "Business Basics" talks. She's a nationally renown expert on how to design a visually striking and highly profitable website. She'll give great examples of websites she has remodeled that have yielded dramatic results for her clients.*

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*Subject to change. To join in the conversation during the live broadcast, call (724) 444-7444. When asked for the Talk Shoe ID, dial 59781#, and for the last code, press 1#.
If you happen to miss any of the interviews, it is available through our archives.

The Dancing Wu Li MastersBlending Quantum Physics with Spirituality

For Beyond 50's "Personal Transformation" talks, we'll have monumental bestsellers Gary Zukav (who wrote "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" and "The Seat of the Soul"), along with Linda Francis to talk about how quantum physics relates to having a meaningful life and the most significant questions about the human experience - "Why is life so difficult?" to "How can I learn to trust?"

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Tax Rebates & Business Incentives for 2008

The following summary was provided by Mark Kohler, Beyond 50's Finance Expert. He is an attorney and CPA who wrote "Lawyers are Liars: The Truth About Protecting Our Assets."

Many of you have probably already heard about the 'rebate checks' that taxpayers may be receiving soon. Actually, the rebates are the centerpiece of the $152 billion Economic Stimulus Act of 2008.

Rebates - The principal assumption is that every red blooded American will rush our and spend the money (which will stimulate the economy), rather than pay down their debt load (the greatest per individual in relationship to their net worth in the history of the United States). We would highly encourage you to help out America in the long run by paying down any unnecessary debts you may be servicing and continue to strive to live within your means (rather than go out and buy more stuff you don't need).
How much are the Rebates? Recovery Rebates, technically known as "advance credit payments", will be as high as $600 for single individuals and $1,200 for married couples.
Who Receives the Rebates? The IRS will calculate the proper amount of the rebate check, based on your 2007 tax return or other certification. The maximum credit of $600 or $1,200 will start phasing out at $75,000 if you are single and $150,000 if you are married filing jointly. When it's all said and done, if you are filing jointly, you will not get a rebate if your Adjusted Gross Income exceeds $174,000, and $87,000 if you are single.
When do I get my Check? Once the Bill is passed, the IRS and Treasury Department immediately began preparations to issue the rebate checks. We estimate that the IRS will start mailing out checks after May 1st. Also, please not that yo must file your 2007 tax return before you will receive the Rebate.
Child Payments - Individuals who qualify for the basic rebate credit are also eligible to receive additional rebate credit amount equal to $300 per qualifying child. Any additional amount received for each qualifying child is added to the basic rebate credit amount for purposes of applying the phase out rules.
Business Incentives - In addition to the rebates, the new law includes $44.8 billion in business incentives and help for homeowners facing foreclosure due to the 'mortgage meltdown', as Wall Street likes to term it.
  • Enhanced Expense - The new law doubles the amount of deductible Code SE. 179 expenses for 2008 to $250,000 and increases the threshold of reducing the deduction to $800,000. Of course, this deduction applies to the purchase of tangible personal property used actively int he conduct of a trade or business in 2008.
  • Bonus Depreciation - This is a 50% bonus depreciation on certain types of property purchased in a trade or business. It is a complex determination as to what types of property qualify, so make sure you speak with your tax advisor before purchasing property you hope to get bonus depreciation.
  • Luxury Autos - The new law also raises the limitations on "luxury auto" depreciation. Ordinarily, the first-year limit on depreciation for passenger automobiles cannot exceed $2,650. However, this limit is now increased to $8,000 if bonus depreciation is claimed for a qualifying vehicle.

0% Capital Gains Tax Rate in 2008 - Is it for Real?!!!

It's finally here!! We have been promising our clients over the past year that we would deliver an update as soon as we got the final numbers and IRS Regulations regarding the infamous 0% Capital Gains Rate.

Yes, there really is a 0% rate on the sale of capital assets in 2008, HOWEVER, it only applies to individuals in the 10% or 15% tax brackets and there are overall income limitations. Specifically, if you are Married Filing Jointly with income under $65,100 or Single Persons with income under $32,550, including the long-term capital gains recognized from the sale of real estate, your tax rate is 0%.

If you feel you can benefit from this strategy, make sure you speak with your tax advisor and run some specific numbers and hypothetical models on your situation.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coach Carl Casanova: Twenty Success Tips for Sound Self-Esteem

20 Success Tips for Sound Self-Esteem

The following is an except from Carl Casanova, M.S., the author of "What Every Successful Person Knows!" He is also a success coach and founder of The Centre, a school for executive training, personal development, and coach certification in Portland, OR.

What is self-esteem? Quite simply, I believe that it is the healthy assertion that I like myself. I am valuable. I'm okay. I'm glad I'm me. When we have healthy self-esteem, it will greatly enhance our well-being as well as our interaction with others.

Field Exercise from Your Success Coach:
Taking action will make these steps a reality in your life. Observe these tips. They promote a lifestyle of positive living and sound self-esteem. Circle the Top five that you want to begin to improve immediately. Building alife of high self-esteem is a process. Move forward, one day at a time, for success.

Twenty Success Tips for Sound Self-Esteem:
1. I accept faith over fear. 2. I make decisions wisely and willingly accept the consequences. 3. I set and achieve goals according to who I am and what I value. 4. I allow myself the freedom to make mistakes, learn, and grow. 5. I train my mind by reading, attending classes, and studying to improve myself. 6. I choose healthy relationships and set clear boundaries. 7. I do not procrastinate or drift; I motivate myself in line with my chosen outcome. 8. I do not allow personal comparisons to affect my self-worth. 9. I choose my occupation, lifestyle and living environment. 10. I am authentic and true to my word. 11. I do not lower myself on account of other's wealth or status. 12. I do not let people speak or treat me disrespectfully. 13. I envision myself living a long, loving, and productive life. 14. I face reality honestly and let go of what I cannot change or control. 15. I keep myself fit, well-groomed, and present myself appropriately. 16. I play; I have fun, and I have a variety of hobbies and interests. 17. I do not deny my needs, feelings, and opinions to please others. 18. I have an orderly home. 19. I share my love with family and friends and allow myself to receive. 20. I am enough.

*For more about Coach Carl Casanova's book, "What Every Successful Person Knows" and his coaching school, visit

Exercise of the Week: Start a Grateful Journal

Exercise of the Week: Start a Grateful Journal

"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more...Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow!"
- Quote by Melody Beattie

The following is an excerpt from the bestselling book, "How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast" that's written by Sandy Forster from Australia. It's filled with plenty of exercises, based on the "Law of Attraction" for you to attract great prosperity and abundance in your life today.

What to Do: You will need a black journal for this exercise and at the end of every day, just before you go to sleep, reflect on your day. Take the time to write down at least five things that have occurred that you can be grateful for. Something wonderful begins to happen when you use a Grateful Journal. Begin writing in your grateful journal TODAY! Show your gratitude in any way that feels good to you.

Gratitude is your key to riches. Gratitude will immediately start expanding your energy and your life! Once you begin to use your Grateful Journal on a daily basis, your life will change forever. Why not start now and begin a list of 25 things that you are grateful for already!

If you would like to get a copy of the book, "How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast," visit

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Beyond 50's Drinking Party

Tom Cruise in "Cocktail"
Beyond 50's Drinking Party
We've got the best drinks in the house. Step up to the bar and have a shot that flows from the "Fountain of Youth."

aronia berry
Oki Juice
It's made from the tiny Aronia Berries that once grew wild all across North America. Oki (pronounced oak-eye) is mixed with exotic botanicals from around the world and familiar fruits, giving it exceptional phytonutrient power and very high in anti-oxidants. It can help support your cardiovascular system, anti-aging effects, assist in your weight management goals, maintain healthy blood sugar levels, protect healthy liver function, support muscle recovery, support mental clarity, boost the immune system and maintain healthy eyesight. Drink alone or make a smoothie with it. For more, visit

Cardio Cocktail

It's an amazing drink for promoting cardiovascular health. It contains 5 grams of L-arginine and super anti-oxidants (noni, acai, mangosteen and goji). It's the L-arginine (a semi-essential amino acid) in the juice that has an amazing effect on the body when it enzymatically converts to nitrous oxide. Nitrous Oxide has been found to melt away plaque build-up that can lead to cardiovascular disease. It can also dilate and relax the blood vessels for blood to flow well. Drinking this can help if you are overweight, have diabetes, high blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, and/or have a history of heart disease. It's also a natural "viagra." For more, go to

Mangosteen Fruit
Made from the tropical fruit called Mangosteen that's prized above all others in the tropical countries of Southeast Asia. It's referred to as the "Food of the Gods" and "Queen of Fruits." The whole fruit (rind and pulp) is used to make this potent juice that's scientifically known to help with over 40 health problems. Mangosteen contains active xanthones (supercharged antioxidants) that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can fight against inflammation. If you have cancer, ask about their 21-day challenge. For more, go to


The best way to lose weight is by nutritionally cleansing the body first at a cellular level, then burn the fat. The drinks by Isagenix has a mix of cleansing nutrients like aloe, herbal teas, vitamins and ionic trace minerals. It can kick start your metabolism to burn fat naturally. You can also experience more energy, build muscle, reduce unhealthy cravings, and improve mental clarity. Try their 9-day or 30-day program. Visit

2012 & The Mayan Prophecies

2012 & The Mayan Prophecies/Develop Inner Peace & Exercise Personal Power
Friday, March 14
12 - 1 p.m. (PST)
A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's talks on "Emerging Trends," we'll have Jay Weidner of "2012: The Odyssey" to talk about the prophecies, based on the Mayan Calendar. On Dec. 21, 2012, the sun will align with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years. And in a separate, pre-recorded interview, listen to Fatima Bacot from Australia encourage you to "Develop Inner Peace and Excercise Personal Power." She will explain about how we're moving into a collective and planetary shift and the necessity of developing inner peace with all of the major changes to come.*

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*Subject to change. To join in the conversation during the live broadcast, call (724) 444-7444. When asked for the Talk Shoe ID, dial 59781#, and for the last code, press 1#. If you happen to miss any of the interviews, it is available through our archives.

The Pituitary GlandThe Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Controversy
For Beyond 50's talks on "Natural Healing," listen to Dr. Pamela Jeanne talk about the benefits and controversies around the use of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that's made by the Pituitary Gland. You'll find out about a unique product that you can spray under the tongue to help the body naturally produce HGH.

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What Exactly Will Happen in 2012?

John Major Jenkins, an authority on 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, explains what will happen in the heavens above:

The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice sun with the Galactic equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the precession of the equinoxes.

Precession is caused by the earth wobbling very slowly on its axis and shifts the position of the equinoxes and solstices one degree every 71.5 years. Because the sun is one-half of a degree wide, it will take the December solstice sun 36 years to precess through the Galactic equator.

The precise alignment of the solstice point (the precise center-point of the body of the sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was calculated to occur in 1998 (Jean Meeus, Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, 1997).

Thus, the Galactic Alignment "zone" is 1998 +/- 18 years = 1980 - 2016. This is "era-2012."

This Galactic Alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years, and was what the ancient Maya were pointing to with the 2012 end-date of their Long Count calendar.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Treating Menopause/Becoming a Nudist

Treating Menopause/Becoming a Nudist
Friday, March 7
12 - 1 p.m. (PST)/3 - 4 p.m. (EST)
A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's talks on "Natural Healing," we'll have Dr.Kathryn Retzler and Rebecca Glaser talk about the effective, bio-identical hormonal treatment of Menopause. Afterwards, we'll be joined with John Kinman and Pat Small of the American Association of Nude Recreation to talk about the nudist lifestyle that they love and encourage you to join a local chapter.*

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*Subject to change. To join in the conversation during the live broadcast, call (724) 444-7444. When asked for the Talk Shoe ID, dial 59781#, and for the last code, press 1#. If you happen to miss any of the interviews, it is available through our archives

Beyond 50's Secret Shopper

If you missed the big event, we've got it covered. Beyond 50 is always on the lookout for what's trendy, unique and innovative. Here's our
"Best of Show" finds:

Diabetes Expo 2008
There were lines and freebies everywhere at this event. The magnetic insoles at one booth caught our eye. For the diabetic, it's like a portable foot massage to reduce neuropathic pain. After seeing plenty of blood glucose monitors, the one that stood out has a real-time system that gives you more information than fingersticks alone. It displays glucose readings for 24-hours a day and it's waterproof. If you want a free prescription savings card for the whole family, this one gives you 25% - 40% savings off 275+ brand name medicines.

In another part of the exhibit hall, a man showed his in-home scales that looked just like a weight scale. It measures things like full body composition, body fat %, body water %, and more. Dehydration contributes to weight gain and diabetes. Nearby, a lady offered a sample testing on her biofeedback machine that was state-of-the-art technology for humans and their pets. And, the juice made of 6 herbs, endorsed by the Chopra Center (of Deepak Chopra), was pretty tasty.

One lady stopped by Beyond 50's booth to introduce her dog that was trained to alert her when her insulin levels are too high or too low. Another man we knew offered us alkaline water to alkalinize the body. Many travel from miles around to get gallons of it from his medical-grade water system, at his home, that costs $4,000. He no longer has diabetes. And, in upcoming interviews, we'll have experts on the program explain why eating a vegan (no animal products) diet can help reverse diabetes.