Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Guy Finley on "The Secret of Letting Go"

Beyond 50 was introduced to Guy Finley's writings nearly 20 years ago. His message has such a timeless appeal that can help you become self-realized. We're very honored to have him on our show.

Here is a favorite excerpt from his international best-seller "The Secret of Letting Go":
  1. Give up self-doubt. It only makes you more dependent on others who can't do anything about their own self-doubt. Independence is confidence.
  2. Give up self-righteousness. It only feels like something right. It is coming from something that is wrong. Right isn't something you feel; it is something you are.
  3. Give up regret. It only ties you to the old life-level that didn't know better and keeps you from the one that does.
  4. Give up anger toward others and yourself. See that the force of any heated reaction is not strength. Remember that for any and every action of force, there is an equal and opposite one. This explains why the fighting never ends. Let it end.
  5. Give up self-torment. It drives you - but it doesn't take you anywhere. Who you really are never suffers over who you are not.
Here is a special exercise that can help you to start letting go of yourself: Every time you catch yourself just about to take a swim in the old habitual river of thoughts and feelings, practice self-suspension. Here's how to get started: don't let the current of the past dictate the direction of the present moment. Let something new happen each moment by letting these old, habitual sensations go their way unobstructed. Stay out of them. Work at this special self-suspension and inner alertness until the day you find this newness you once had to struggle to endure is now something you could not endure living without!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

The "Soul" of the Fractured Family

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Exercise of the Week: "Taking Abundance Breaths"

The following exercise is based on the book "How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast" by Sandy Forster. Called "Taking Abundance Breaths," the visualization technique can be done for less than a minute a day and done daily. The author recommends that you focus on the feeling of abundance, rather than the specifics of what what abundance will be. It is the feeling that has the attraction power anyway. You can get specific when all the money comes in!

How to Do the Exercise:
  1. Find a comfy chair and sit down with your feet flat on the floor, back straight and hands resting in your lap with palms facing up. Gently close your eyes and keep them closed.
  2. Imagine you are surrounded by tiny, minute particles of abundance; that you are immersed in a sea of prosperity and you can reach out and touch it and bring it into your life whenever you desire (which you can!).
  3. When you're ready, take a long, slow, deep Abundance Breath in to the count of three, totally expanding and filling your lungs.
  4. Imagine all the while that you are breathing in those particles of prosperity and they are filling every fiber of your being. Feel that feeling of being flooded with abundance.
  5. Hold your breath for the count of nine and feel every atom, every cell in your entire body being plumped up with prosperity, filled with abundance, vibrating with riches. And then slowly, to the count of six, breathe out that Abundance to circulate throughout the Universe - really force all that air out.
  6. Once again, take another long, slow, deep Abundance Breath in, and this time, see your body light up from the inside out, glowing with prosperity, sparkling with riches, dazzling with wealth.
  7. One last time, slowly breathe in a huge, big Abundance Breath for the count of three, and while you hold that breath for the count of nine, imagine and feel what it's like to be totally abundant, amazingly wealthy to have achieved financial freedom and be rich beyond your wildest dreams.
  8. Embrace that amazing feeling throughout your body, mind and spirit. And for the last time, slowly breathe that abundance and prosperity out to circulate throughout the Universe.
  9. And when you're ready, slowly open your eyes, feeling prosperous, feeling wealthy, feeling rich, rich, rich!
It only take s a couple of minutes, but this exercise has amazing money-magnetizing powers.

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