Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hidden Meanings Behind the Movie, "Beauty and the Beast" (2017) (Spoilers)

Selected by “Conscious Movie Reviews,” “Beauty and the Beast” is a 2017 live animation musical by Disney that is a retelling of the classic story. Raised by a small village, Belle longed for more in life. When her father, Maurice, got lost on his way to market, he came across a castle under a spell by the Enchantress, Agathe. She turned the Prince into a Beast and his staff as objects. The spell can only be broken if he can love another and earn her love before the last petal on the rose falls; otherwise, it's permanent. Belle heads for the castle to save her father who has been imprisoned by the Beast. Could she be the one to break the curse? You'll learn about the hidden meanings within the "Beauty and the Beast" movie. Historical references are given about the Enlightenment Age that lead to the French Revolution and the artistry of the Rococco Period, evident in the castle decorations. You'll also learn about the symbolism within the film, like the meanings behind the rose and the relationship dynamics between Belle and the Beast. __________________________________________ Welcome to "Conscious Movie Reviews." I'm your host, Joy Ramos Davis. The films selected for review are to highlight the meaningful insights gained from watching them - going beyond the technical and artistic aspects of a movie's content. Most of the movies can now be viewed on DVD or through direct streaming. If you've seen any of these films in the theater before, Conscious Movie Reviews can help you to experience it again "in a new light." *Warning: Spoilers Contained within the Presentation **For a Transcript of All the Reviews:

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