Monday, March 20, 2017

Self-Care for the Self-Aware: Healing for Highly Sensitive People

   Self-Care for the Self-Aware:
Healing for Highly Sensitive People
 Friday, February 10
12 p.m. (PT)/2 p.m. (Central)/3 p.m. (ET)
A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Spirituality" talks, listen to an interview with Dave Markowitz.  As a medical intuitive, he offers help for highly sensitive people who tend to "absorb" the negative energies of others, leading to illness for themselves.  Learn about a linear, easily applied, long-term protective solutions that an Empath can use that doesn't take on or keep unwanted energy.  One of them is a powerful exercise called "Return to Sender" that harmlessly "gives back" the misplaced energy, emotions, and more to their original owner with permanence.

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*Subject to Change.  If you happen to miss any of our past interviews, you can hear them from our listings: archive 1 and archive 2.

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Fed Up: An Insider's Take on Why the Federal Reserve
is Bad for America
For Beyond 50's "Finance" talks, listen to an interview with Danielle DiMartino Booth.  She is a former to the president of the Dallas Fed. She'll talk about the toxic culture within the Federal Reserve that perpetuates these broken policies, and presents her ideas for how to fix it – before another financial crisis strikes.  What’s more, while the election of another Washington insider like Clinton would have resulted in four more years of the same broken policy, the election of Trump opens the door to not only expose the current weaknesses of the Fed, but to make reform a reality, a possibility that didn’t previously exist.  Drawing upon her first-hand experiences at the Fed, this book illuminates how the Fed abdicated its responsibility to the American people both before and after the financial crisis– and how nobody within the Fed seems tohave learned or changed from the experience.
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The Clarity Compass
For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Dr. Brit Poulson. He is an expert in psychodynamics and group psychology. He'll talk about his step-by-step approach called "The Clarity Compass" that is useful for anyone who wants to expand their conscious decision-making and perceptions about a situation to get to the next level in a project, career or life.  Find out how to discern objective facts from subjective stories; identify management "blind spots" and how they impact perspective and impede clarity; and other skills.
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Austin Air Healthmate B400 Air Purifier
The Austin Air Healthmate B400 Air Purifier has a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) filter that removes pollens and molds while the granular carbon and zeolite filter does a super job of reducing the levels of formaldehyde and chemicals.  This filter is effective for allergies, asthma, odors, gases and chemicals.  Designed to provide coverage for areas of up to 1500 sq. ft.  The Austin Air Healthmate B400 Air Purifier is available by calling 866-460-7873.  To learn more, visit

Mystic Healer, Sonja Grace: Spirit Traveler
"Spirit Traveler" takes a unique approach to analyzing why famous historic sites, including the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, and Tiwanaku, were constructed. There have been thousands of books written about these sites from the perspective of science and archeology.  While this information is crucial to our knowledge, much of the mystery about them remains unsolved and questions surrounding their purpose have lingered through the centuries.  "Spirit Traveler" offers a completely different perspective on the purpose of these sites and the reasons for their construction.  Sonja Grace shares her ability to travel through time and receive the information of what happened  at this ancient sites.  She shares detailed information about the people, demi gods and ceremonies of the past.  "Spirit Traveler" will help people to broaden their perspective on history and shine a new light on their relationships with the universe.  Pre-order your copy today at www.SonjaGrace.comBeyond 50's Note: We encourage you to hear her interview called "Spirit Traveler."

71 Trace Minerals & 415 Essential Nutrients
intraMAX® is the most comprehensive all-in-one liquid nutritional supplement available. It contains 71 organic trace minerals and over 415 essential, 100% carbon-bond organic microcomplexed nutrients.  It delivers rapid and near-perfect infusion of vital essential minerals and nutrients to your cells.  IntraMAX® addresses the following issues: fatigue, immune, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, skeletal, muscular, inflammation, nerve, weight, brain, neuro, blockages, vision, dermal, pain, detoxification phase I & II, infection and sinus problems.  IntraMAX® is available at and in 33 oz. And 2 oz. travel sized bottles with free USPS Priority Shipping. IntraMAX® is not available in stores or through multi-level marketing programs.

"For most of history, "Anonymous" was a woman."
- Virginia Woolf

March is Women's History Month
Celebrate the women of significance in your life.

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