Saturday, September 3, 2016

Conscious Movie Reviews: Hello, My Name is Doris (Spoilers)

Selected by "Conscious Movie Reviews," "Hello, My Name is Doris" is a comedy and drama. After attending a self-help seminar on empowerment, Doris meets her new co-worker, a handsome 20-something named John Fremont. Fully smitten, she devises ways to get to know him romantically. Doris prefers to live in fantasy, wishing that John would feel the same way, even though there is a huge age difference between them. She also struggles with letting go of her past by hoarding. John invites Doris into his circle of friends where she assumes it's the start of a budding romance. This only leaves her best friend Roz intent on bringing her back to reality for fear of Doris getting hurt from unrequited love. *Warning: Spoilers Contained within the Presentation **Hosted by Joy Ramos Davis ***For a Transcript of All the Reviews:

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