Thursday, April 28, 2016

Nomadic Matt: The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking

     Nomadic Matt: The Ultimate Guide to Travel Hacking       
 Friday, April 29
12 p.m. (PT)/2 p.m. (Central)/3 p.m. (ET)
A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Travel" talks, listen to an interview with Matt, also known as Nomadic Matt from Boston.  Imagine being able to fly anywhere in the world as often as you want — for next to nothing.  From taking your family to Europe, flying first class, to sleeping in an overwater bungalow in Maldives – it’s all possible.  Money is the number one reason why people don’t travel more and he shows you how to take money out of the equation.  Find out about how to master frequent flier and hotel loyalty programs and use those system to gain hundreds of thousands of points per year before even stepping foot on an airplane or in a hotel prior.  The strategies he suggests allowed him to travel so often on a budget and will get you out of your house faster, cheaper, and in comfort…..because there’s nothing like starting your trip in a first class suite that only cost $10!

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Walter's Way: How a Relief Kid Survived TB,
Corporate Betrayal, Bankrumptcy,
Made Millions, and Touched the Lives of Billions
For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Walter Scherr.  He'll talk about his life, a Depression-era boy from Queens, New York overcame a life-threatening illness, after living 6 years in a TB sanitarium, to live an adventurous life as a globe-trotting executive who witnessed and helped foster the post-World War II economic boom.  Scherr traveled over 2 million moles and to 40 countries over the course of his career as a corporate executive and entrepreneur.  A business pioneer, he helped introduce the fax machine worldwide, and was  a founding board member of four international corporations, including one that broke new ground in data storage - a precursor to today's Cloud.  At 91 years old, Scherr has lived long enough to provide a first-hand account of the emergence of America as a world power after defeating fascism, through the go-go years of the sixties and seventies, right up to the present day.

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Earth Angel Training Course: The Spiritual Body
May 11 - 15
Experience Scotland from deep meditation, walking meditation, cellular yoga, inner processing, angels and more!  Move into the higher realms and heal  your Spiritual Body.  To learn more, visit www.sonjagrace and

PG-50+ Movie Reviews
Beyond 50 only recommends films that are creatively responsible to reveal the finest qualities of the human spirit; allow you to think and feel deeply about life; make your heart soar; and champion human rights.

Set in Havana, Cuba, it's a deeply sad and powerfully moving coming-of-age story.  Jesus is a young hairdresser who styles wigs for a drag troupe (called transformistas in the local lingo).  To supplement his meager income, he dreams of being a drag performer.  Given a chance to do that, he creates an alter ego named Viva.  While doing his stage act, Jesus gets sucker punched by a man.  It turns out to be his father, Angel, a former boxer.  He not only returns after a 15-year absence from being incarcerated for murder, Jesus is forced to live with him and listen to his angry rants, forbidding him to go near the club.  They both make the effort to try to connect and eventually come to an understanding about each other's differences.     (Available in select theatres; Genre: Art House & International, Drama; Running Time: 1 hr., 40 min.)

Barbershop: The Next Cut
It's over a decade later at Calvin's Barbershop in the South Side of Chicago.  His establishment has gone co-ed by teaming up with Angie's beauty salon to cut costs and increase traffic.  After experiencing shots fired outside the shop, the group forms their own kind of intervention, creating a "Cease Fire" weekend.  A very funny and emotionally engaging film, it touches on racial politics and a message for communities nationwide to take back their neighborhood from the even more dangerous rise of gang violence.  (Available in theatres everywhere; Genre: Comedy; Running Time: 1 hr., 52 min.)

Older Than Ireland
This is a beautiful documentary interviewing 30 fascinating and colorful centenarians.  They are all older than the country in which they have lived.  The oldest in the group was Kathleen Snavely who was 113 years old.  Many of the historical accounts given range emotionally from sad to funny.  They've witnessed life from the earliest days of Ireland's independence.  As they go down memory lane, they cover their childhood, personal regrets, along with sweeping social and technological change.  Many talk about family gatherings called the "American Wake" to send a loved one off to the U.S. and often never seeing them again. (Available in select theatres; Genre: Documentary, Art House & International; Running Time: 1 hr., 21 min.)

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