Friday, February 12, 2016

Angels of the 21st Century

For Beyond 50's "Spirituality" talks for the holidays, listen to an interview with world renowned clairvoyant, Sonja Grace about her new book, "Angels of the 21st Century". You'll get a clear understanding of the death process, because it is in dying that we come to know living. Sonja connects the everyday with the astral, the mundane with the eternal. It's a refreshing and accessible read for the person who has lived enough life to want to know some answers for the difficult questions, Do we reincarnate individually or in families? How do we clear past karmic hangovers? Why is my life appearing to be unfulfilled? Tune in to Beyond 50: America's Variety Talk Radio Show on the natural, holistic, green and spiritual lifestyle. Visit and sign up for our Exclusive Updates.

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