Friday, December 11, 2015

Beer Bites: Perfect Pairings for Brew Lovers

 Beer Bites: Perfect Pairings for Brew Lovers
 Friday, December 11
12 p.m. (PT)/2 p.m. (Central)/3 p.m. (ET)
A Live & Online Broadcast
For Beyond 50's "Food" talks, listen to an interview with Christian DeBenedetti.  He is America's preeminent craft beer specialist.  America is experiencing a Renaissance in Brewing from ambitious brewers and beer-championing chefs creating unique beer tastes.  He'll explain why beer is the ideal partner for so many foods.  He'll give you the perfect formula for finding exactly the right thing to eat with what you drink, and vice-versa.  Find out suggested craft brew pairings to perfectly complement certain foods with a variety of beer styles, running the gamut from light and crisp pilsners to sour, complex, and funky farmhouse ales, IPAs, and even imperial and coffee stouts.

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Celebrated Author of "Crank" on
Writing for Teens & Young Adults
For Beyond 50's "Literary" talks, listen to an interview with Ellen Hopkins.  She is a "New York Times" bestselling author of many fictional books written in a free verse poetry style that are favorites by many teens and young adults.  Her stories portray their inner conflict and contradition, covering dark topics like addiction, family abuse, prostitution, rehab, incest and suicide.  Hopkins' most famous book is "Crank" that is loosely based on her older daughter's addiction to crystal meth.  She will also be talking about her latest novel called "Traffick" that features five teenagers who face the aftermath of their decisions and experience that exposes the dark, ferocious underbelly of the child-trafficking trade. 

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Support for the Holidays
If you're not feeling the holiday spirit, Beyond 50 would like to offer some help.  Here are interviews with past guests that can make you feel merry and bright.

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