Friday, June 12, 2015

Funny on Purpose

Funny on Purpose
Friday, June 12
Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Career" talks, listen to an interview with Joe Randazzo.  He is the former editor of "The Onion."  He knows what makes people laugh and how to parlay that into a career.  Many of us can make people laugh, but not everyone can earn a living making people laugh.  Those that do not only have guts, but also the smarts to rise to the top and get paid to do what they love.  He offers tips and guidance on how the comedy world works, how to break in, and explains about the various paths aspiring comedians may take to realize their dreams.  Whether your interest lies in standup, improv, sketch, TV, writing, directing or producing your own media channel, Randazzo will tell you how to turn your talent into a career.

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Society Beyond Fossil Fuels
For Beyond 50's "Green & Sustainable" talks, we'll have returning guest Richard Heinberg of the Post Carbon Institute.  He'll talk the 21st century migration away from fossil fuels that will likely be a wild ride.  Find out about short-term political and economic factors that impede broad-scale organized efforts to adapt; potential opportunities; and sources of future conflict.

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PG-50+ Movie Reviews   
Beyond 50 only recommends films that are creatively responsible to reveal the finest qualities of the human spirit; allow you to think and feel deeply about life; make your heart soar; and champion human rights.

Jurassic World
This film is escapist fun with lots of suspense.  The idea of genetic modication in the name of corporate greed is very timely.  Continuing along the lines of the original story, Jurassic World is thriving as a touisty, theme-park in Costa Rica under the managerial direction of Claire Dearing.  Thousands visit daily.  Whenever an attendance boost is needed, Jurassic World introduces new, hybrid dinosaurs.  On the day when Dearing's teenage nephews arrive for a visit, the GMO dino named Indominus Rex escapes from its enclosure.  It's up to raptor whisperer, Owen Grady, to stop the rampant, killing spree by the genetically modified monster.  (Available in theatres everywhere; Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Suspense, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy; Running Time: 2 hrs., 3 min.)

Me & Earl & the Dying Girl
Based on a novel, the film is a sweet, coming-of-age story with lots of soul.  High school senior, Greg Gains, is an awkward slacker type who blends in socially, but does not stand out.  He considers Earl his only friend who he calls a "co-worker" to co-create really bad home movies that are parodies of screen classics.  When Earl is forced by his mother to spend time with a fellow classmate named Rachel Kushner who was just diagnosed with leukemia, he forms an endearing friendship with her.  By request from a school hottie, Earl makes a film for Rachel.  He finds the project difficult to finish as her health worstens.  (Available in theatres everywhere; Genre: Drama; Running Time: 1 hr., 44 min.)

The Yes Men are Revolting
Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno are back as progressive activists fooling large corporations and government officials with their outrageous stunts that get them lots of media attention.  They do it in a humorous way to shed light on their bad business and government practices and to raise awareness about global warming.  (Available in select theatres; Genre: Documentary; Running Time: 1 hr., 20 min.)

Honorable Mentions:

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