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The Real Truth About Supplements

 The Truth About Supplements
Friday, June 20
12 p.m. (PT)/2 p.m. (Central)/3 p.m. (ET)
 A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to an interview with Raymond Francis.  He is the founder of Beyond Health.  He's back to discuss about nutritional supplements.  More than 90-percent sold on the market are ineffective.  According to Francis, there are thousands of vitamin brands, but many of them are made from inappropriate ingredients or formulations.  The cheaper varieties are loaded with filler and contaminated with solvent residues, artificial food colors and flavors, allergens and other potentially harmful chemicals.  Too many companies spend their money on advertising, not on creating a quality product that will synergize with the body's biochemical pathways and provide optimal nutrition.

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For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talk, listen to an interview with Wren LaFeet and Antje Martina.  Together, they co-created Concrea (pronounced Coh-CRAY-ah).  It is an acronym for "Collaborative, Organic Communication, Revolutionizing Embodied Awareness."  Concrea is an evolving, holistic teaching that combines social partner dance, authentic relating, physics and a passionate enthusiasm for being in the body.  LaFeet views partner dance as a microcosm of society and a metaphor for relationship.  He invites people on a transformational journey towards unified consciousness through movement.  Speaking the common language of the body, Wren helps to access the keys for profound relating in all areas of life.

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Josey Baker Breads
For Beyond 50's "Cooking" talks, listen to an interview with Josey Baker.  He is a renowned San Francisco Bread maker.  He'll walk you through baking your first loaf to a free-form Sourdough Loaf.  You'll learn to think like a baker.  The whole process will be explained and demystified.  Baker's excitement for making bread is contagious and inspirational.  As you progress, you can take on new challenges such as making a sourdough starter; slashing, shaping, and proofing your loaves; and experimenting with baking hearty loaves of whole grain, seeded, and rye breads.  Forays into pizzamaking, pocketbreads, and brunch favorites such as cornbread and scones will round out your baker's repertoire.

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PG-50+ Movie Reviews
Beyond 50 only recommends films that are creatively responsible to reveal the finest qualities of the human spirit; allow you to think and feel deeply about life; make your heart soat; and champion human rights.

Jersey Boys
Based on the hit stage musical about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, the film portrays their real life, rags-to-riches story in a heartfelt way.  It follows the boys from their working class beginnings of New New Jersey to finding fame and fortune.  Along the way, there are mob deaths from their connections to the Mafia and family struggles.  A running theme in their lives is having loyalty, commitment and hard work.  
(Available in theatres everywhere; Genre: Musical & Performing Arts; Running Time: 2 hr., 14 min.)

How to Train Your Dragon 2
A fun film to watch.  It's five years later and Hiccup has matured from a teen Viking-Chief -in-Training to a self-assured twenty-something.  Their village of Berk is threatened by Drago who wants to break the friendly, dragon-Viking relations in order to enslave the winged beasts.  This is a first for Hiccup to deal with an evil aggressor who wants to wage war.  (Available in theatres everywhere; Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Kids & Family, Science Fiction & Fantasy; Running Time: 1 hr., 45 min.)

Norte: The End of History
The film is 4-hours long and based on Dostoyevski's "Crime and Punishment" that is set in Luzon, a coastal city in northern Philippines.  Law school dropout, Fabian, commits a double murder: killing a local moneylender and her daughter.  He doesn't get arrested for the crime.  Taking the fall is the innocent Joaquin, a poor villager who is deeply in debt to the moneylender.  He is imprisoned, leaving his wife to care for a younger sister and two children.  They live a life of despair, which has left Fabian tortured by his conscience.  (Available in select theatres; Genre: Drama; Running Time: 4 hrs., 10 min.)

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