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Personal Time Mapping

Personal Time Mapping  
Friday, May 16
12 p.m. (PT)/2 p.m. (Central)/3 p.m. (ET)
 A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Spirituality" talks, listen to an interview with Reverend Thabiti.  He is the creator of that integrates a person's date of birth with universal laws structured in the ancient science of the standard deck of playing cards - a science that actually goes far back in history... there's far more to a deck of cards than poker!  "Albert Einstein is most famous for proving the relationship between Time and Space, known as the Law of Relativity or E=MC².  The power concealed within the core of that remarkable theory has been incorporated into a dynamic approach to living called the Personal Time-Map System.  The Law of Relativity means that wherever you are, there is always the time you are there, and that time and space must co-exist, according to Einstein.  'Where' a given person is right now can be mapped out geographically, but 'when' that person exists is a function of their Personal Time-Map," explained Rev. Thabiti.

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Archetypal Dreamwork
For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Marc Bregman and Christa Lancaster of North of Eden.  They are the co-developers of Archetypal Dreamwork that is a Jungian-based form of therapy to have a deeper relationship with the Soul self and the divine.  Our dreams are shown to us for healing - to look into the dark corners where both the love and the terror hide.  They challenge our ideas of who we are and help us explore who we are not...but have believed ourselves to be. Beyond 50's Note: You are encouraged to Submit a Dream for interpretation.

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Opening to Your Humanity
For Beyond 50's “Spirituality” talks, listen to an interview with Robert Theiss.  He is the founder of Ancient Wings in Oregon and has served the teachings of archangel Michael since 1998.  He teaches simple ways for anyone who would like to experience the true nature of Spirit and awakening to our God Self.  Theiss invites us to walk about from mass consciousness and place more attention on our inner reality to embrace a new way of being human.

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    May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Beyond 50 will be presenting a holistic view of Mental Health Care: the traditional, Western medical and the Natural Healing perspectives.  They differ in their approaches, yet still effective in their own way.  We  will notify you of when we'll have both guests on the program for an interview.

Dr. Claudia Luiz
She’s tired of the national gurus telling us how we’re supposed to be better, how we’re supposed to be happier, more enlightened, more authentic, more organized and the “best” in every way.  Because it doesn’t work.

"You can't attain sanity by just trying harder to be a better person, exercising a positive outlook, letting go, working on being happier, forgiving or meditating,” says Dr. Claudia Luiz. “These all might be great ideas.  They may even lead to self-improvement.  But what you need for sanity, when reason fails, are emotional experiences.  Not ideas.  Experiences."


Gayathri Ramprasad
Overcame her 30-year battle with Depression using natural healing approaches.  As a young girl in Balgalore, India, Ramprasad felt "different."   She could hardly eat, sleep or think straing.  The only thing she was able to do was cry unending tears.  Her parents insisted it was all in her head.  Because traditional Hindu culture has no concept of Depression, no doctor could diagnose and no medicine could heal her mysterious illness.  The depression consumed her from adolescence through marriage and a move to the United States.  After a stay in a psych ward, she eventually found "the light within," an emotional and spiritual awakening from the darkness of her tortured mind.  

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