Sunday, December 1, 2013

Beyond 50 on Fall Break

 Friday, November 29
12 p.m. (PT)/2 p.m. (Central)/3 p.m. (ET)
 A Live & Online Broadcast

We're enjoying our Thanksgiving Weekend and will be
back again next week to interview great guests, so tune in!

*If you happen to miss any of our past interviews, you can hear them from our listings: archive 1  and archive 2.
**To view the Best of Beyond 50 talks in a video interview format, head over to our YouTube channel.  We have over 300 interviews posted to date.

Let's Wine & Dine

For Beyond 50's "Culinary" talks, listen to an upcoming interview with Melanie Wagner.  She is a certified Sommelier who will talk about the most essential things you need to know about wine, from crush to aging; a listing of necessary equipment, including what you don't need; terms to know, such as "aglianco" and "vintage"; her selections of great wine gifts; and How tos: how to taste, how to throw a wine party, how to start a tasting group. 

Pairing Suggestions by Melanie Wagner:
Burgers with cabernet sauvignon, malbec, merlot, and Portuguese reds (dry)
Popcorn with champagne and other dry sparkling wine, chardonnay
(especially creamy, buttery styles)
Thai food with gewurztraminer, riesling (off-dry), sauvignon blanc, and syrah/shiraz
Macaroni and cheese with chardonnay and pinot noir
Sushi with champagne and other dry sparkling wines, riesling (dry) and sauvignon blanc
Hot dog with pinot noir and riesling (off - dry)
Mexican food with malbec, merlot, riesling (off - dry), sauvignon blanc, and zinfandel
Bacon with pinot noir and syrah/shiraz
Indian food with gewurztraminer, riesling (off - dry), sauvignon blanc, and zinfandel
French fries with champagne and other dry sparkling wines and white burgundy

*Tune in and join in the conversation with Melanie Wagner on Thursday, Dec. 19 at 9 a.m.

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