Friday, October 11, 2013

Millennial Economics

 Millennial Economics:
An American Declaration of Independence from Central Banking,
A Global Transition to Debt-Free National Economies
Friday, October 11
12 p.m. (PT)/2 p.m. (Central)/3 p.m. (ET)
 A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Finance" talks, listen to an interview with Victor Shane.  Many people believe we are on the edge of national if not global economic collapse, but very few understand why.  Shane will simplify about the financial shenanigans involved, such as collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), mortgage-backed securities (MBSs), credit default swaps (CDSs) and securitization that has been allowed to throw the market into tumultuous spasms.  For too long, the national debt ($16 trillion at present) has been allowed to climb unchecked.  And for too long, the privately owned Federal Reserve Banks have operated on a debt-system of introducing new money into circulation, creating “systemic price inflation” and effectively chaining our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to a mountain of debt.  He will also offer a three-step plan of action that all Americans can use to create an Economic Bill of Rights, as a prelude to a global transition to debt-free national economies.  

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Resilient Woman
For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Dr. Patricia O'Gorman. She'll talk about how women from a very young age struggle with self-defeating monologue or "girly thoughts," combined with popular culture and its barrage of messages that a person can't be complete unless they measure up to some elusive standard. Whether dealing with family members, coworkers, intimate relationships, or a best friend, when a woman feels "less than" she often misses the path toward achieving her true potential. Blaming herself for what someone else has done to her is, sadly, a common theme among women. Dr. O'Gorman will explain how this reaction is merely how women have been conditioned to respond - then provide the tools they need to break the cycle and become more resilient.

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Soul Passage:
A Midwife for the Dying
For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Pamela Alvey.  Her service, called Soul Passage, is for people with a terminal illness.  She'll talk about being a midwife for the dying to assist each person to relieve their fears and bring comfort to both their physical and their Soul. By honoring the individual experience of the person dying, she ensures that they feel loved and supported. She uses guided imagery, Reiki, sound, shamanic techniques and scented oils to assist with release of their pain and anxiety.The soul midwife knows the sacredness of dying and is able to hold a tranquil space as this sacred process occurs.

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 PG-50+ Movie Reviews
Beyond 50 only recommends films that are creatively responsible to reveal the finest qualities of the human spirit; allow you to think and feel deeply about life; make your heart soar; and champion human rights.

Emotionally moving, yet terrifying, the visuals are also breathtaking.  Astronauts Matt Kowalsky and Dr. Ryan Stone are 372 miles above the Earth performing a routine shuttle mission gone bad.  They face harrowing, crisis situations to survive.  (Available in theatres everywhere; Genre: Drama, Mystery, Suspense, Sci-Fi and Fantasy; Running Time: 1 hr., 31 min.)

Captain Phillips
It's an unforgettable and extraordinary drama that is based on a real-life, 2009 hijacking of the container ship Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Adan.  Headed by Captain Richard Phillips, he is forced off the ship and taken into custody on a lifeboat.  There are many tense moments till the end when the captain and crew are saved by the Navy SEALs and the U.S. Navy.  The film brings to light the effects of globalization in Somali creating desperate acts of high seas piracy for ransom money.  (Available in theatres everywhere; Genre: Drama; Running Time: 2 hrs., 14 min.)  Beyond 50's Note: Captain Phillips' hero status is very questionable due the current court charges against him by his former crew.  He risked their lives after being warned not to take the ship into dangerous, known areas of high pirate activity.

It's an enjoyable documentary about a humble underdog named Jeremy Lin and what lead to the few weeks in sports history in 2012 called "Linsanity."  Lin rose to instant fame  as a high-scoring point guard for the New York Knicks.  He is the first Asian American in the NBA.  During his pre-NBA years, he overcame great odds, from racial taunts to being dismissed as a talented player, with the help of family, friends and his strong faith as an Evangelical Christian. According to Lin, he "only plays for God."  (Available in select theatres; Genre: Documentary; Running Time: 1 hr., 28 min.)

Honorable Mentions:
Recreation of the legendary Formula 1 rivalry between two racers in the 1970s.

Fire in the Blood
Documentary on Western pharmaceutical companies using patent law to keep
the AIDS drugs unaffordable in third world countries.

A River Changes Course
Documentary following three families in Cambodia deal with
rapid globalization as their traditional ways of life disappear.

The Short Game
The best 7-year-old golfers in the world compete.

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