Friday, September 6, 2013

Beyond 50 on Break

   Beyond 50 on Break
Friday, September 6
 A Live & Online Broadcast
We'll be back next Friday for our regularly scheduled program.
We encourage you to listen to any of our past interviews.
*If you happen to miss any of our past interviews, you can hear them from our listings: archive 1  and archive 2.
Fat, Broke, and Busy:
Escaping America's 'Never Enough' Culture
For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Jeff Gaines.  He'll talk about our society that is obsessed. Many performers, athletes, companies, etc. feel that they have to give more to get noticed.  What this is really about is the pursuit of happiness - and most Americans believe that happiness lies in 10% more than whatever they have now. Why has Miley Cyrus's performance become such a lightning rod of controversy? Is the problem with Miley? ...or with us? How is one to know when enough is actually enough? "The 'Never Enough' culture is a mindset that says whatever I have, it's not enough. It is ingrained into the American way of life so deeply that most are not aware of how and when it affects us.  The effect of it can be seen in who we pay attention to and idolize.
    To Hear the Past Interview, Click on This: Episode 454
  Back to School!
For Beyond 50's "Parenting" talks, we encourage you to listen to some of our past interviews with experts on how to help your kids or grandkids have  a great start this new, school year.
The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way
Tune in to an upcoming interview this Fall with Amanda Ripley.  She will explain about her research to show how the education superpowers value rigor above all else; the 'unholy alliance' between sports and academics in the U.S.; why math eludes the average American teenager; what parents in the educationally successful countries (like Norway and South Korea) do; and how the child poverty rate doesn't necessarily affect educational outcomes. You'll gain many insights into how to improve America's mediocre school system.

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