Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Best of Beyond 50 Radio: Shut Up, I'm Talking!

For Beyond 50's "History" talks and in recognition of Israel's 60th year anniversary, listen to Gregory Levey's hilarious, real-life stories about the diplomacy lessons he learned in the Israeli government. Picture Zelig or Forrest Gump thrust into the nerve center of Middle Eastern politics. Gregory went from being a bored law student in NYC to the speech writer of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and other improbable situations. Israeli politics is no place for a nice Jewish boy! You'll be shocked at what goes on behind the scenes with our political leaders who are just faking it till they make it their style of doing things. Tune in to Beyond 50 Radio: America's Talk Show for Baby Boomers that promotes the healthy lifestyle for those in midlife. Visit and sign up for our free e-newsletter. *Produced and syndicated by Joy and Daniel Davis of Beyond 50 Productions.

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