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Whatever It Takes: The True Story of a Fan Making It Into the NFL

    Whatever It Takes:
The True Story of a Fan Making It Into the NFL
Friday, July 12
12 p.m. (PT)/3 p.m. (ET)
 A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Daniel Kelly.  He'll talk about what it took to fulfill his dream of making it into the National Football League (NFL) and what's it's like to be part of the organization.  Since the age of eight, it was love at first sign watching football.  It captured his heart and imagination.  On his seventeenth birthday, he was given a book that forever changed his life.  It was a book about scouting.  He couldn't put it down.  He was determined to be an NFL scout!  After graduating from high school, he dropped out of a local community college and followed his burning desure to scout.  He put together a plan and self-published the "NFL Draft Guide" that would serve as his resume.

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  Rediscovering Marine Plasma

Beyond 50 would like to thank Roy Dittman,OMD, MH - a specialist in Perinatal Health and the author of "Brighton Baby" for introducing us to the miraculous healing powers of marine plasma, as discovered by Rene Quinton from France in 1897.

Over 100 years ago, Quinton proved that marine plasma is a precursor to red and white blood cells.  To demonstrate his theory, he conducted an experiment in front of hundreds of medical doctors, where he drained the blood out of a stray dog and replaced it with his isotonic marine plasma.  Not only did the dog survive, it thrived.  This experiment has been repeated more than five times throughout the 20th century.

Marine plasma can correct the way in which our genes are being expressed at a fundamental level.  The viscous fluid produced by zooplankton contains a dilute "soup" of minerals and alkalinating salts, along with DNA, RNA, fatty acids and other beneficial elements for humans and animals.  It is increasingly recognized that genetic transcription depends heavily on the presence of trace elements.  Marine plasma contains all of the naturally
occurring elements on the Periodic Table to help make corrections in our genetic expression.

Through his clinic in California, Dittman has found marine plasma as a special detox to helping eliminate morning sickness in pregnant women.  It's so safe to use, it can help to purify a newborn's blood and keep their cells healthy and clean. 

 If you'd like to learn more about marine plasma, it is available as a natural product for long term use calle d Original Quinton and QuintEssential.  There are 69 FREE clinics known as "Marine Dispensaries" established throughout Europe and Northern Africa where only Plasma de Quinton is administered for dozens of life threatening health conditions.

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