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Jan Reynolds: High Altitude Woman

 Jan Reynolds: High Altitude Woman
Friday, June 21
 A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Jan Reynolds.  She is a world record-breaking skier and climber who has sought adventure in the Himalayas, the Sahara Desert, the Canadian Arctic, and the Amazon Basin - often as the only woman in her expedition.  She'll talk about the tasks of having to prove herself in the company of men.  Reynolds found success by embracing her feminine strengths of compassion, mediation, cooperation and observation.

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No More Psoriasis & Eczema!
For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to an interview with Joseph Tajalle, founder  of URTH.  He suffered for over 15 years with one of the worst cases of both Psoriasis and Eczema the doctors had ever seen.  After years of suffering and the frustraton of going from doctor's office to the next, Joseph had enough of hearing "there's no cure for this."  He spent about 10 years to crate a formula of his own that cleared his condition by getting to the root cause of psoriasis and eczema (and many other auto immune conditions) which build up toxins with the body and release them to the skin.  You'll learn more about the formulation and how it has proven that it is possible to reverse a medical condition considered irreversible.

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From A Reader:
Obama vs. Franklin

In response to the NSA spying scandal, Beyond 50 would like to pass on the sentiments shared by a reader and journalist, William Horning.  The quote by Benjamin Franklin is a timely reminder for President Obama to learn from.

Repeal the Patriot Act!
"The State should not watch us, we should instead be watching them, but we haven’t.

The snooping is much worse than you are being told and it has been going on for a long time, by government and corporations, and it will get much, much worse unless Americans unite to stop it.

The NSA has opened huge centers in Hawaii and Georgia in the past year while construction of the mammoth NSA Cloud center in Utah is under construction.  Two Israeli companies (the CIA says Israel is America’s main regional spy threat) and Boeing are also involved.  The Titan supercomputer there will have almost unimaginable power.

What’s the solution?  Repeal the Patriot Act.  Stop the spying.  Start getting rid of every government three and four letter agency and program not in the Constitution.  Those are radical ideas only to minds willing to submit to tyranny.  They would not be radical at all to our Founding Fathers, whom must be wondering how we became so submissive." - William Horning 

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