Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beyond 50 on Winter Break

New Year's Eve
Friday, December 30
A Live & Online Broadcast

We wish you a Happy New Year! We'll be back for our regular, weekly program next week. Many of our guest interviews are with bestselling authors, celebrities, experts, and visionary leaders from around the world.
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Mary ChestnutMary Chestnut's Illustrated (Civil War) Diary
For Beyond 50's "Historical" talks, listen to an interview with Martha M. Daniels about the two-volume books called "Mary Chestnut's Illustrated Diary." It was chosen by the "Wall Street Journal" as one of the five most important diaries to come out of the Civil War. Thought to be lost or stolen since the 1930s, the albums were only discovered in 2007. It's an astonishing historical treasure.

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Year's Best of Beyond 50
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A big thank you for tuning in. We've had a lot of great guests on the program - over 150 this year.

Here is a sampling of some of our most intriguing interviews of 2011:

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