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Financial Recovery

Financial Recovery
Financial Recovery

Friday, June 24
12 p.m. (PT)/ 2 p.m. (Central)/3 p.m. (ET)
A Live & Online Broadcast
For Beyond 50's "Financial" talks, listen to an interview with Karen McCall. She'll help you to wake up from the money coma. You can live within your means and in a meaningful way. Unknowingly, people commit the same money crimes over and over. Learn about how to unveil these destructive habits and find practical solutions that work for you. Be free of obsession and worry, while remaining clear and conscious about how to deal with your money.

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*Subject to change. To join in the conversation during the live broadcast, call (724) 444-7444. When asked for the Talk Shoe ID, dial 59781#, and for the last code, press 1#. If you happen to miss any of the interviews, it is available through our archives.

BreathingCathartic Breathing

For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to an interview with Jackie Miller. She is a Cathartic Breathwork practitioner - one of only a few in the world. Cathartic Breathwork is an advanced breathing technique that uses the power of the breath for deep self-healing. In a session, breath energy quickly accumulates, cleansing and opening the energy body. Patterns of holding and tension, suppressed emotions and blocked energies tend to release and dissipate. Co-hosting the show is both Daniel Davis and intern, Devin DeCuna.

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Lynne McTaggartThe Bond:
Connecting Through the Space Between Us

For centuries, Western science and Western culture have taught us to think of ourselves as individuals. But today, a revolutionary new understanding is emerging: What matters is not he isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things. The Bond. For Beyond 50's "Science & Spirituality" talks, listen to an interview with Lynne McTaggart. She will explain that the essential impulse of all life is a will to connect rather than a drive to compete. In fact, we are inescapably connected, hardwired to each other at our most elemental level.

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PG-50+ Movie Review

Beyond 50 only recommends films that are creatively responsible to reveal the finest qualities of the human spirit; allow you to think and feel deeply about life; make your heart soat; and champion human rights.
Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris
Written and directed by Woody Allen, it's a sweet and romantic comedy about Gil, an American Hollywood screenwriter visiting Paris with his fiancee. He longs for the past and is magically taken back in time to the Roaring 20's. Along the way, he meets members of the Lost Generation: Salvador Dali, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein and others. (Available in Theatres Everywhere; Genre: Comedy, Romance; Running Time: 1 hr., 28 min.)

Tree of LifeTree of Life
This is a beautiful and artistic film on the O'Brien family living in Waco, Texas in the 1950's. It follows the life journey of eldest son, Jack and his tumultuous relationship with his father - a stern disciplinarian. Jack struggles with his father's growing dissatisfaction with his life and the effect it has on their family. He eventually grows up as a lost and disillusioned adult. (Available in Theatres Everywhere; Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy; Running Time: 2 hrs., 18 min.)

In this Austrian documentary, go behind the scenes to follow the work of Steinway & Sons' top piano-tuner-in-chief, Stefan Knupfer. He is a master of his craft, finding the right instrument with the necessary sound qualities that are compatible with the vision of the world's top pianists. You'll find his madness of perfection fascinating. (Available in Select Theatres; Genre: Musical, Performing Arts, Documentary; Running Time: 1 hr., 33 min.)

Honorable Mentions:
Super 8
A Better Life
Cave of Forgotten Dreams

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