Friday, March 18, 2011

Raw Truth to the Fountain of Youth: Superfoods

Debbie Merrill
Raw Truth to the Fountain of Youth: Superfoods
Friday, March 18
12 p.m. (PT)/2 p.m. (Central)/3 p.m. (ET)
A Live & Online Broadcast
For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to an interview with Debbie Merrill. She's back on our program to advocate the raw and vegan lifestyle - a diet rich in enzymes to cleanse and regenerate the body. As a habit, she eats more for energy, rather than taste. She'll recommend the top Superfoods you can incorporate into your meals and how to prepare them.

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Chocolate Dipped StrawberriesBerried in Chocolate
In recognition of Women's History Month, listen to an interview with Shari Fitzpatrick. She will explain about how she built a multimillion-dollar business doing what she loves and how you can too. With no business education or experience, Fitzpatrick only had a $1,500 cash advance and a passion for chocolate-dipped strawberries when she started a home-based business 20 years ago. Today, a second successful venture, the Berry Factory, is the provider of the nation's leading brand of gourmet berries.

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Ancient HawaiiSonja Grace Spirit Traveler:
Journey to Ancient Hawaii
(A Video)
Watch Beyond 50's promotional videocast on "Sonja Grace Spirit Traveler," a documentary series on the history of ancient sites and civilizations around the world, based on the intuitive readings by Sonja Grace that challenges what historians believe to be true. She takes us to the north Shore of Oahu of the Hawaiian Islands to reveal an ancient and sacred heiau (temple) where magical birthing stones that were strategically placed for their rituals. You'll also learn about the Menuhune dwarfs of the island who serve to maintain Earth's ley lines (alignment of ancient sites) and energy meridians.

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More Mega-Quakes to Come

Brace yourself! Various sources from the scientific community warn of impending earthquakes that are mega in size of up to 9.0 in magnitude. Based on a study by Moscow's Institute of Physics of the Earth, their report to Prime Minister Putin revealed about 4 mega-quakes to come. The biggest ones are likely to hit parts of the United States and outside the country later this month.

Areas affected will be the Midwest region (within the New Madrid Seismic Zone and Wabash Valley Seismic Zone), along with Texas, Louisiana, California (especially the San Francisco Bay area) and several states in the East Coast. Around the same time, mega-quakes may also affect Bolivia in South America, Mexico and parts of Central America.

An obvious sign was a recent request for information by FEMA for sources of millions of underwater body bags, blankets and food supplies. Beyond 50 questions the need for these types of body bags. Will there be towns and cities under water? The last time a mega-quake hit the Midwest in the early 1800's, it changed the course of the Mississippi River.

We encourage you prepare for an emergency, especially in these times of peak oil, peak water, natural disasters, terrorism and economic collapse. Learn to survive by getting a copy of "When Technology Fails" by Matthew Stein. We've featured many suggestions from his book and had him on the air.

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