Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cracking the Hidden Job Market

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Cracking the Hidden Job Market
Friday, March 4
12 - 1 p.m. (PT)/3 - 4 p.m. (ET)
A Live & Online Broadcast

Can't find a job? Maybe you're seeing only half the picture. For Beyond 50's "Employment" talks, listen to an interview with Don Asher. He will show you how to find jobs before the posting hits the Internet. His suggestions are about finding opportunities in any economy. Many Boomers today are out of work, fearing being out of work, or having their kids in the basement because they are out of work.

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Herbal ApothecaryMaster Herbalist, Susun Weed:
Herbs for Energy
For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to an interview with Susun Weed. We've brought her back to explain about specific herbs and their combinations that can help to boost our energies. She is internationally renowned for teaching what she describes as the "Wise Woman Way" of herbalism. Her teachings encompass herbal medicine, ethnobotany, pharmacognosy, psychology of healing, eco-herbalism, nutrition and women's health issues.

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We'd love to hear from you. Every week, Beyond 50 interviews bestselling authors, celebrities, experts and visionary leaders from around the world. To join in the conversations by phone or text messaging from your computer, visit and

Upcoming Interviews:
Career Coaching for Generation Y (March 4); Vegan Body Building (March 9); Mrs. Oregon International (March 11); Claire Johnston: Mature Skin Care (March 16); Berried in Chocolate (March 17); Raw Truth to the Fountain of Youth (March 18); Bio-Touch for Healing (March 18); Choon Ok Jade Harmon: The Iron Butterfly (March 24); The Linden Method to Cure Phobias (March 25); Ayurvedic Medicine (March 25); Countdown to Coherence (March 31); Fit Soul, Fit Body (April 8); Failure to Launch (May 5); You're Grounded Forever...Now Let's Go Shopping (May 6); 5,000 Years of Korean Martian Arts (May 20); Tenzin Rinpoche (TBA); Dr. Joe Dispenza: Evolve Your Brain (TBA).

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