Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Future in the Stars: The Astrological Message for 2012 and Beyond

Watch Beyond 50's video book trailer on "The Future in the Stars" (Findhorn Press) that was written by Alison Chester-Lambert. The author explains about dwarf planets that have been newly discovered in a realm at the edge of our Solar System. They tell a fascinating story about the coming industrial discoveries and social transformations of the 21st century. She will also debunk the hype around 2012 and provide the REAL astrological meaning behind the energy of that special year. A new Industrial and Social Revolution is about to happen. To order a copy of "The Future in the Stars" from Findhorn Press, visit

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firstSTREET said...

Very interesting, I think the non-apocalyptic view of the 2012 events will be the most accurate. I think it is amazing how little we really know about our solar system, like the dwarf stars you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!