Friday, October 22, 2010

Beyond 50 on Fall Break

Beyond 50 on Fall BreakPumpkin Patch

Friday, October 22
No Live & Online Broadcast

Beyond 50 will be exhibiting and emceeing the stage this weekend at the Baby Boomers Lifestyle Expo in Portland, Oregon. We'll be back next week for a live broadcast.

Costa RicaLiving & Working in Costa Rica
For Beyond 50's "Lifestyle" talks, listen to an interview with Kris Fey of Northwest Golf Adventures. He will talk about why many are migrating to Costa Rica. For most, the big draw is lower cost living. He'll explain about the many benefits, such as health care that is very affordable and offered by doctors that are trained in medical schools within the U.S.

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Bank on Yourself:
Investing in Whole Life Insurance

Pamela Yellen

In the 2008 stock crash, many Americans saw $11 trillion in personal wealth evaporate. The one financial asset that increased in value in the crash of 2008, and in 1929, and in every period of economic booom or bust since is cash-value life insurance.

For Beyond 50's "Personal Finance" talks, listen to an interview with Pamela Yellen, founder of Bank on Yourself. She has worked with over 30,000 financial advisors since 1990, helping them build their business. After investigating over 450 financial products, tools and methods that were touted as sure bets for growing wealth, she found that most of them were turned out to be not even worth the paper they were printed on.

What's the difference with Cash-Value Life Insurance?
  • They are divident paying whole life policies with a special rider added on that puts the growth of money in the policy on "legal steroids."
  • Virtually unknown to most financial advisors and experts, the dividends can be left in the policy to purchase additional coverage, while at hte same time growing cash value most efficiently. This yields more equity, especially in the early years of the policy, allowing people to use it as a financial management tool fromt he start.
  • Policies are customized for each person's situation, goals and dreams.
  • Not appropriate for people who can't make ends meet. More beneficial for families earning between $75,000 and $300,000 annually.
Pamela and her husband Larry own 18 of these specialy-designed policies. Through their company, Bank on Yourself, they have helped over 100,000 people grow their nest egg safely and predictably, even while stock, real estate and other investments tumble.

Pamela Yellen will be on Beyond 50 for an interview next Thursday, Oct. 28 at 9 a.m. (PT)/12 p.m. (ET). Join in the conversation!

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