Thursday, June 17, 2010

ZRT Lab: Stress Hormones & Heart Disease

ZRT Lab: Stress Hormones & Heart Disease
Friday, June 18
12 - 1 p.m. (PT)/3 - 4 p.m. (ET)
A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's “Natural Healing” talks, listen to an interview with Dr. Sanjay Kapur of ZRT Lab. He will explain about stress leading to getting fat and heart disease. Unfortunately, this is a fact. Emotional and physical stress can lead to chronically high cortisol levels, which have a huge impact on overall health. Cortisol, also know as the stress hormone, is central to many biochemical processes and is not supposed to remain high for long periods. How you all respond to stress and chronically high levels of hormone cortisol affects the appetite, body weight and overall health and wellness. Dr. Kapur's discussion will provide answers to questions about how to reduce stress and avoid getting heart disease.

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**Subject to change. To join in the conversation during the live broadcast, call (724) 444-7444. When asked for the Talk Shoe ID, dial 59781#, and for the last code, press 1#. If you happen to miss any of the interviews, it is available through our archives.

NowThe Presence Process
Alchemy of the Heart
For Beyond 50's "Personal Growth" talks, listen to an interview with Michael Brown from South Africa. He offers a step-by-step process that empowers us to heal the ghosts from our past so we can live liberated lives - Now. It is an invitation to step beyond the victim and victor mentality perpetuated by the stories we tell ourselves of our wounded past and a future to be feared. You'll learn how to focus on realizing the resonance of peace through emotional integration.

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Foot PainGood Feet: Proper Care & Support
For Beyond 50's "Medical Care" talks, listen to an interview with Joey Vaughan of Good Feet. She will explain about innovative arch supports that have helped the majority of wearers get exceptional to total relief from pain. They offer 25 styles and 350 sizes for all kinds of shoes, from athletic to casual, like high heels.

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*Beyond 50's Note:
We recommend that you learn about these unique arch supports that are superior to many brands in the market. As a complement to Good Feet, we also recommend the Sacrowedgy for relief from back and other musculo-skeletal pain.

The Six Archetypes of LoveThe Six Archetypes of Love (A Video)
Watch Beyond 50's book trailer on a book by Allan Hunter called “The Six Archetypes of Love.” He looks at our love relationships in terms of different stages of our lives as a whole and the relationship themselves. The sex archetypes are The Innocent, The Orphan, The Pilgrim, The Warrior-Lover, The Monarch Pair, and The Magician. Ultimately, “The Six Archetypes of Love” is a guide book for the journey towards real, lasting love.

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Allan Hunter

Fathers Day

In honor of fathers everywhere, Beyond 50 wishes you a
Very Happy Father's Day!

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