Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Experience Energy Medicine for Yourself

 Experience Energy Medicine for Yourself
by Diane Dreizen 

Many years ago I very lucky to learn the Practice of Taoist Self-Healing Meditation from a Chinese Master, David Cheng. We often asked him questions about what books we could read to learn more about what he was teaching us. He often said, with a twinkle in his eye, “Americans read too many books. Throw your books away and experience for yourself – then you will know”. Although I am still an avid “read-a-holic” I took his words to heart. I continually practice suspending judgment and experiencing for myself. This is the only way to truly know.

Taoist Self-Healing Meditation was essentially learning movements and positions to draw, build, and direct our Chi Energy. For the first year, I was somewhat baffled in my understanding of the subtleties of energy. After all, I came from a culture and educational paradigm that believes only material things are real and can be measured; if it can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist.

I remember walking around and trying to feel and understand the energy behind things. One day, I was looking at some paintings at the Portland Art Museum when I said to myself, “What is this painting trying to say to me?” In that moment, I shifted my “point of view” from looking at the painting from the outside (judging the colors, style, technique), to that of “listening” to what was being expressed: and I got it! The Artist was expressing an outrage at the senseless killing of war. From that point on I began my journey of consciously looking for and listening to the energy behind, in, and around things; people, animals, trees, flowers, stones, and so forth.  For more...

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