Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brian Peskin: The 24-Hour Diet

Brian Peskin
Brian Peskin: The 24-Hour Diet
Friday, May 1
12 - 1 p.m. (PT)/3 - 4 p.m. (ET)
A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, listen to bestselling author Brian Peskin. He'll explain that everything you've learned about nutrition is all wrong! He busts the most common nutritional myths and corrects them with the latest research findings. He is the world's most trusted authority on health and nutrition. Through his book, "The 24-Hour Diet," you'll learn about the most ideal way to eat well and the science behind it that's never been revealed before to the general public. Peskin is also the author of "The Hidden Story of Cancer" about oxygen deficiency on a cellular level as the primary cause of cancer. Too many medical researchers and doctors look at and treat the secondary causes: toxins, virus, and more.

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Stephen LewisStephen Lewis: Healing with the Energetic Matrix
For Beyond 50's "Natural Healing" talks, we've brought back Stephen Lewis, the founder of the AIM Program. He'll go into more detail to explain that everything is energy and we are all connected by it. When there is a health problem, the imbalances from it have a frequency that can be brought into balance and neutralized for self-healing. Nearly 50,000 people worldwide have personally experienced the extraordinary benefits of the AIM program for energetic rebalancing.

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Brian LaceyHow to Be Bike Empowered
For Beyond 50's "Hobbies" talks, listen to an interview with Brian Lacey, founder of in Portland. He'll talk about his experience of falling in love with cycling since the 1950s and encouraging others to make it a lifestyle. Riding a bike can be a lifelong, enjoyable habit for good health and recreation. May is National Bike Month. And from May 11 - 15, it's Bike to Work Week.

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