Saturday, February 14, 2009

Predictions for 2009: Year of the Earth Ox

Predictions for 2009: The Year of the Earth Ox
by Elizabeth Peter of Red Lotus

The year of the Earth Ox is symbolized by the elements Yin Earth below Yin Earth. It is a symbiotic relationship between like-minded people: friends, families, organizations or even countries. Earth sitting on top of Earth represents a field or a farmland, rich in soil, offering the promise of nourishment. However, it needs to be cultivated by hard work and sustained patience.

Although this year promises a good future harvest, cultivating the cold, sometimes frozen land in order to bring in a good yield will require hard labor.

Sixty years ago in 1949, reconstruction began in the United States on a grand scale, after the worldwide destruction of a world war. Similarly, this peaceful year hope and optimism will be the driving force as people will be eager to set aside their differences in order to rebuild their lives.

Yin Earth above Yin Earth brings out some healthy competition that could result in new inventions, creative ideas that can advance cultures and offer solutions to the great number of global problems Humanity is faced with. Read Full Story>>

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