Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coach Carl Casanova: Positive Psychology & The Happiness Trap

The following is an excerpt from Coach Carl Casanova's book, "What Every Successful Person Knows":

Positive Psychology is founded on the belief that people are competent, resourceful, capable, strong and adequate that people want to be happy and lead meaningful and productive lives. People want to be able to cultivate the best within themselves. Positive Psychology is categorized in the six virtues: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperence, and transcendence. In addition, is the list of 24 principle character strengths which lead to these virtues: creativity, curiosity, love, kindness, persistence, integrity, vitality, social intelligence, ethics, citizenship, fairness, leadership, love of learning, bravery, leadership, mercy, humility, prudence, perspective, hope, appreciation of beauty, humor, gratitude and excellence.

Dan Baker, author of "What Happy People Know" believes people fall into traps that keep them from attaining their happiness. He lists the five traps of happiness:
  1. Trying to buy happiness.
  2. Trying to find happiness through pleasure.
  3. Trying to be happy by resolving the past.
  4. Trying to be happy by overcoming weakness.
  5. Trying to force happiness.

Field Activities from Your Success Coach:
  1. Make a list of four things that bring you happiness. What is it about these things that makes you happy?
  2. Name four ways and four people you can share greater optimism:
  3. Define your idea of a power greater than yourself. How is this an influence on your path of success?
  4. Review and study the six virtues and the twenty four character traits. When, where and how can you implement them in your life?
*Carl Casanova is the founder of The Center: A School for Professional and Personal Development in Portland, OR. He is also the author of "What Every Successful Person Knows." To reach him, call (503) 233-9983 or visit

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