Monday, May 26, 2008

Guy Finley: Take Conscious Command of Yourself

Fearless Living
Take Conscious Command of Yourself
by Guy Finley

The following is an excerpt from his new book, "The Essential Laws of Fearless Living," taken from the chapter entitled "Take Conscious Command of Yourself."

Whenever we find ourselves feeling like a powerless captive of some condition, it's because we grabbed on to the false power of worry, fear, anger, self-loathing, self-pity to end us strength. You name it: all negative states area waste that waste our lives whenever we embrace their empty promise of empowerment.

What is real power? Here's a whole new definition for it: Real power is knowing we already possess everything we need to succeed in the moment, as we would wish it...

Real power lifts us above challenging circumstances; it shelters us from those fears that want to drag us down into troubled thoughts about tomorrow. In a word, real power is the quiet but certain understanding that everything that comes to us works for the good of us, no matter what it is.

How do we enter into relationship with such pure power? We begin with a startling insight: We inhabit a world in which human being have mistaken themselves as being powers unto themselves. The truth tells a different story: we are the instruments of these powers, high and low; and yet, our unique place in reality gives us a far greater role to play than any (one) of these archetypal forces can ever hope to know. We alone are empowered to choose - from all powers, potential or present - which of them we will embody and serve by expression...

We can practice this true, new power anytime we wish to have its strength and safety as our own. We start each time by remembering that ours is the power to choose what we will and will not give our power to. A short study of the following examples reveals this new and higher possibility:
  • Rather than live with the pain of a thousand regrets, we can realize that no number of visits to a painful past can change it. The light of this new awareness empowers us to start over now.
  • Rather than look to anxious thoughts to help us through some fearful situation, we can see that anxiety serves fear - so how can it free us from it? The light of this new awareness empowers us to leg go of both these imposters.
  • Rather than defend our mistakes by finding excuses for them, we can understand that our refusal to learn the lesson at hand ensures we will meet that lesson again, along with its misery. The light of this new awareness empowers us to accept what life would teach us, and the truth sets us free...
We are created with the power to surrender our sense of powerlessness and, in exchange for this sacrifice, realize a life without stress and strife...

Whenever we have a pain or a problem that seems greater than our ability to deal with it, this doesn't mean that we are really without power. These moments are "wake-up calls" - invitations to remember our relationship with an indwelling and Divine order of ourselves that is the same as our True Nature.

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