Monday, May 19, 2008

Coach Carl Casanova: Creating the Life You Want

Coach Carl Casanova: Creating the Life You Want

The following is an excerpt from Coach Carl Casanova's book called "What Every Successful Person Knows!" It is taken from Chapter 3: Access Your Assets on the Quest.

Take action on creating the life you want. Follow these two recommended exercises.

1. A visualization exercise. Let's examine a possible scenario: You're feeling lost and unproductive in life, including your career. A favorite part of your life is that you have a college degree and a positive network of friends and associates. Even so, you desire a higher quality of life and to change your career direction.

Let's begin to visualize. First, be mindful of your breath. Relax and be in a quiet meditative state. Start by imagining yourself in the highest quality of life that you probably can be in, even going for something beyond what seems possible now, if you want. It's to your liking. Imagine yourself utilizing your special gifts and talents. You access your life experience and your support network to move you into the life work you are most happy in. You see yourself clearly in place. Imaging you're happy because you're living out your life purpose. You see yourself being grateful for the appreciation you are receiving for a job well done, and the financial compensation is rewarding. Add any other details that are significant to what you want. Seek to get a feeling in yourself that this is possible; experience it as if it were already happening in your life. Imagine that it is already so! How did it feel for you? Practice will help.

For you to get to the next step of success, take time, be still and exercise your mind. Take small steps toward creating mental pictures of how you want to develop in any area of your life. Visualization works, so begin to practice; you'll be surprised what shows up.

2. In detail, write in your journal three things you've always dreamed of accomplishing. Observe what's present emotionally. Notice your physiological state of being.

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