Saturday, April 5, 2008

Scientist of the Soul, Part II

Scientist of the Soul, Part II
by Gary Zukav for Beyond 50

My initial reservation about discussing authentic power and the soul in the same context as quantum physics was giving the impression that science can prove the existence of the soul or nonphysical reality. It is futile to imagine that any five-sensory inquiry (such as empirical science, including quantum physics) can prove the existence of nonphysical reality, and therefore, the existence of Divine Intelligence and your soul because the lesser cannot demonstrate the existence of the greater. Mathematicians would say that a subset cannot be used to prove the existence of the set. Yet nonphysical reality, the soul, and the living Universe of wisdom and compassion are becoming part of the human experience for millions of individuals as humanity transits beyond the limitations of the five senses.

My concern was that those who are yet depending upon others, such as preachers, peers, politicians, and parents to validate their experiences would leap at the possibility that experts, such as physicists or anthropologists, could validate beliefs that they want validated, rather than validating them (or not) through their own experiences.

Authentic power is the alignment of your personality with your soul, and your soul cannot be quantified (measured), bottled, or put on display (except by you as humbleness, forgiveness, clarity, and love become characteristics of your personality). It is not observable, much less demonstrable, by empirical means. Proving the existence of nonphysical reality is as impossible as proving the existence of God. Nonetheless, there are numerous effective and engaging ways to use the concepts of quantum mechanics (not the results of quantum mechanical experiments) to illustrate authentic power, how very different it is from our previous understanding of power, and what is necessary to create it.

The scientist of the soul is a new kind of scientist that the new multi-sensory human consciousness makes possible. It is a scientist who explores her experiences, both collective and individual, with courage and the clear intention to free herself from her fears, cultivate her love, and give the gifts that she was born to give. The physics of the soul requires exploring in meaningful and verifiable ways the fundamental connection between intention and experience, and makes each of us responsible and grateful contributors to Life. It is a science that seeks not validate concepts in the old way, but to reveal the effectiveness and power of awareness and conscious choice, and how to use them in the most constructive and healthy ways possible.

*Gary Zukav is an internationally renown best-selling author and speaker. He is the author of "The Wu Li Masters," "The Seat of the Soul," and others. For more visit

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