Monday, April 21, 2008

Coach Carl Casanova: The SMAART Model for Putting Goals Into Action

The SMARRT Model for Putting Goals Into Action

*The following is an excerpt from Coach Carl Casanova's book, "What Every Successful Person Knows! Six Steps to Awakening Success in Your Life." He is the founder of a coaching school called The Centre in Portland, Oregon.

The S.M.A.R.R.T. system will help you put goals into action.
S.M.A.R.R.T. stand for:
S: Specific. Goals must be specific and well defined.
M: Measureable. Goals must be measurable.
A: Action. Goals must be realistic and attainable.
R: Realistic. Goals must be realistic and attainable.
R: Resources. Goals must assess money, energy, associates, etc.
T: Time. Goals must have a strong consideration of time elements.

Experienced goal setters have a working system and live on paper. They take small manageable steps and progress strategically. They write out on paper daily, weekly, monthly goals. They have a ledger, journal, or goal-setting notepad with their quarterly goals, twelve month goals, three year goals, five year goals, and ten year goals.

The list of goals to work on often comes from the eight components of a life balance wheel. There are various types of life balance listings. There are the specific ones I use, which are listed in this format: 1. mental, 2. emotional, 3. financial, 4. life work, 5. social, 6. health, 7. relationship, and 8. spiritual. Within each balance component create levels of assessments. Create a scale from 1 to 10. Draw a line and mark on the left end 0 and on the right end a 10, find the middle and mark a 5. Do a self evaluation on your life in each balance component. Assess...If you are low, develop a plan and set goals to get higher. We can have a great life and be successful. Fall in love with Goal Setting. Start with your daily goals, today.

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