Saturday, April 5, 2008

Coach Carl Casanova: Myths Vs. Truth About Coaching

Carl Casanova: Myths vs. Truths About Coaching

The following is an excerpt from the new book by Carl Casanova called "What Every Successful Person Knows!"

1. Myth: Focus on fixing people
Truth: Coaches operate from a philosophy that people are resourceful, whole, and capable. People don't need to be fixed. Coaches do not enable or rescue; they empower. Coaches are a champion for their people and co-create with their clients for their success.

2. Myth: Focus on feedback
Truth: Coaching requires that coaches master the art of asking powerful questions that lead clients or employees to their answers. The belief is that the answer is within. Coaches ask open-ended questions, empowering language, and methodologies to move clients toward outcomes. We teach people how to fish versus giving them a fish.

3. Myth: Focus on feelings
Truth: Coaching is to deepen the learning both mentally and emotionally. People are multi-dimensional. We help individuals be wise and understand how to be emotionally intelligent. The process is for deep self-awareness and the creation of effective action steps for success.

4. Myth: Focus on fu fu
Truth: Education is paramount for the student of coaching. it is important that the prospective client ask where the coach got their training and/or certification. An academic school or program is best. The ICF is the governing body of all coaching schools. For a coach, knowing the core competencies of coaching from an ICF accredited school is vital. Coaching is a powerful language and methodology to be taught by professional teachers in the field.

5. Myth: Focus on only financial gain
Truth: Coaching is a calling for those who coach others. It is also a service. We call it being in the wisdom business. It's a business that brings individuals (serious about success) in alignment with what they are seeking. We work with people nationally and internationally. Coaches customize their services with their prospective clients. The phone and face to face are ways to bring our services forward. There is a large return on our investments for those that hire a seasoned coach.

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