Monday, April 21, 2008

Beyond 50 on Spring Break: No Live Broadcasts This Week

Pineapple on the Beach
Beyond 50 on Spring Break
No Live Broadcasts this Week

Returning Friday, May 2

Foreign Money When Recession Hits,
Invest Around the World!
For Beyond 50's "Finance" talks, listen to Jeff Opdyke, a Wall Street Journal reporter, encourage you to invest globally, especially when America's economy is suffering. While America has 10,000 public companies, there are 4X that number outside our country. They aren't as different as you imagine. And, some of the largest companies in the world aren't even listed in the American stock exchange.

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Marianne WilliamsonMarianne Williamson on Embracing the New Midlife
For Beyond 50's talks on "Personal Growth," listen to Marianne Williamson, an internationally renown author and lecturer. She will share her insights about midlife as an "Age of Miracles." According to her, it's not a time of crisis, but more of a celebration and great rebirth.

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The Antarctic PenguinsBudget Travel to the Antarctic
Listen to Beyond 50's Consumer Advocates Jenny Watters and Derek Ewell go over what to expect and prepare for as a consumer if you ever need to travel for an extended period of time. They will also share their travel experience of taking a month-long trip, cruising to the Antarctic with stops along the way through South America.

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Beyond 50's Mystery Shopper

Secret Shopper

If you missed the big event, we've got it covered. Beyond 50 is always on the lookout for what's trendy, unique and innovative. Here's our
"Best of Show" finds:

Northwest Pet & Companion Fair
It was a zoo there! Every imaginable type of dog (that couldn't wait to get in) walked through the door with their owner. One person brought their long snake wrapped around its neck, an occasional bird on the shoulder, and a ferret went in to visit. It was interesting to see that the people of Nepal in the Himalayans make their own dog chew out of yak and cow milk. One vendor offered to find out your dog's breed through DNA testing. There was even a super-drink for pets to slow down aging from free radicals.

When it comes to feeding your dog, have you tried chickpeas with spirulina and chia seeds? How about an exotic mix of pheasant, bison, elk, and salmon with an herb mix?

If your home smells from pet urine or odor, no problem. There is a natural (non-toxic) way to deal with it. You can even spray this on the offensive smelling animal, like a skunk directly. But if it's a messy floor, there is such a thing as a really quiet vacuum that's 5X more powerful than an upright. What's great too is that it won't recirculate the dust. And, don't forget to wash your hands with a gritty and dry organic soap mix made of coconut after handling your pet. It's such a tough cleaner, you can even clean your bathroom with it.

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