Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coach Carl Casanova: Twenty Success Tips for Sound Self-Esteem

20 Success Tips for Sound Self-Esteem

The following is an except from Carl Casanova, M.S., the author of "What Every Successful Person Knows!" He is also a success coach and founder of The Centre, a school for executive training, personal development, and coach certification in Portland, OR.

What is self-esteem? Quite simply, I believe that it is the healthy assertion that I like myself. I am valuable. I'm okay. I'm glad I'm me. When we have healthy self-esteem, it will greatly enhance our well-being as well as our interaction with others.

Field Exercise from Your Success Coach:
Taking action will make these steps a reality in your life. Observe these tips. They promote a lifestyle of positive living and sound self-esteem. Circle the Top five that you want to begin to improve immediately. Building alife of high self-esteem is a process. Move forward, one day at a time, for success.

Twenty Success Tips for Sound Self-Esteem:
1. I accept faith over fear. 2. I make decisions wisely and willingly accept the consequences. 3. I set and achieve goals according to who I am and what I value. 4. I allow myself the freedom to make mistakes, learn, and grow. 5. I train my mind by reading, attending classes, and studying to improve myself. 6. I choose healthy relationships and set clear boundaries. 7. I do not procrastinate or drift; I motivate myself in line with my chosen outcome. 8. I do not allow personal comparisons to affect my self-worth. 9. I choose my occupation, lifestyle and living environment. 10. I am authentic and true to my word. 11. I do not lower myself on account of other's wealth or status. 12. I do not let people speak or treat me disrespectfully. 13. I envision myself living a long, loving, and productive life. 14. I face reality honestly and let go of what I cannot change or control. 15. I keep myself fit, well-groomed, and present myself appropriately. 16. I play; I have fun, and I have a variety of hobbies and interests. 17. I do not deny my needs, feelings, and opinions to please others. 18. I have an orderly home. 19. I share my love with family and friends and allow myself to receive. 20. I am enough.

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Carl's ideas are always articulated in an approachable and elegant form. His style of communication is clear and radiant. More importantly, he actually lives what he preaches. He is a fine person and role model for everyone.