Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lawyers Are Liars! The Truth About Asset Protection

Lawyers Are Liars! The Truth About Asset Protection
Friday, February 15
12 - 1 p.m. (PST)/3 - 4 p.m. (EST)
A Live & Online Broadcast

For Beyond 50's "Legal" talks, we have our expert Mark Kohler, a renowned attorney and CPA who wrote "Lawyers Are Liars: The Truth About Protecting Our Assets." He'll expose the frauds and cheats who sell you asset protection structures. Find out the truth about tax, estate and asset protection strategies.*

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Protect Your Assets the O.J. Simpson Way

Beyond 50 learned from Attorney Mark Kohler about how O.J. Simpson got away again through the legal system. The famous athlete is considered one of the most famous "debtors" in America. Here's how he protected his assets:

In 1969, O.J. went to work for the NFL's Buffalo Bills team and received an interesting benefit in his compensation plan: A Defined Benefit Retirement Plan. The plan meant that upon retirement from the NFL, he would be paid approximately $25,000 per month for the rest of his life in the form of a pension.

Twenty five years later, he was charged with committing double murder. The families of Brown and Goldman obtained a judgment against him in the amount of $33.5 million. In the final civil judgment on appeal, Simpson's retirement plan was reported by the Court to be valued at $4.1 million and untouchable by the plaintiffs in the case. Under Federal law, Simpson's type of retirement plan is untouchable by creditor's claims. Moreover, Simpson moved to Florida in 1999 and purchased a home in order to avail himself of Florida's unlimited homestead exemption, wherein creditors cannot touch an individual's home or its equity.

By simply relying on various federal and state exemptions, Simpson has found amazing benefits for his asset protection plan.

Here is an exemptions list by Attorney Mark Kohler:
  • Homestead Exemptions
  • Retirement Plans
  • Annuities
  • Income Exemptions
  • Life Insurance
To learn more, listen to Mark's interviews on Beyond 50 and visit his website at

America's First Black President

In recognition of Black History Month, Beyond 50 has learned from a local historian that America has had several presidents of black ancestry. Considered "The Missing President," John Hanson was the first. He was voted by the Continental Congress in 1781 (before George Washington served) to be the third to lead the country as President of the United States in Congress Assembled. George Washington was actually the 8th president.

Hanson was a mix of Swedish and black (Moor) descent. After his one year stint as president, four others followed Hanson in the office. As president, he was granted governing powers as defined by the Articles of Confederation. Hanson was credited for approving the Great Seal of the United States and leading the fight to guarantee the statehood of the western territories beyond the Appalachian Mountains that had been controlled by some of the original thirteen colonies. One of the documents signed by the black president was to create the 13 colonies and another was to boycott British ships importing their goods.

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