Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kindred Spirits Around the Table

Set a Friendship - Flavored Table

Beyond 50 would like to share an excerpt from Deborah Kesten's book, "The Enlightened Diet" that stood out for us. She wrote about an ancient Roman tradition that's worth continuing at your next gathering. This is an excellent example of how to avoid Solo Dining, a bad habit that encourages weight gain.

Eat Together as the Romans Do:
"In ancient Rome, after a three-course meal, the host of the evening would ask guests to choose a magister bibendi, a toastmaster who was responsible for each person's alcohol consumption; this honored person would also select speakers for the evening and decide on topics for convivial conversation.

When hosting a meal, ask one special guest to orchestrate the evening by creating a pleasurable atmosphere that ensures everyone present is honored and enjoys the occasion. An easy way for the evening's magister bibendi to accomplish this is to invite each guest to toast people, the food, or the event, perhaps every fifteen minutes or so, starting with the first course, then continuing through the main course and dessert. In this way, through the modern creative express of an ancient (Roman) tradition that embodies the best of friendship and shared spirit."

Beyond 50 encourages you to share your ideas for creating a memorable meal gathering that flavors the food with our heart and souls.

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